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floral wall wedding

Making a flower wall for a wedding

Have you considered a flower wall for your wedding to add a unique element to your special day? Flowers are an important part of any wedding. They add colour and texture to your big event and help to generate the setting that represents you and your partner.

So, you may want to think past the traditional arrangements and make your day truly unforgettable with some clever touches of nature.

Types of flower walls

making a wedding flower wall

There is no limit to how you can design a floral wall. Making a flower wall for your wedding is an opportunity to show off your creative side and use the concept to make a positive impact at your wedding. Try some of our ideas or come up with a unique concept of your own:


Cover the wall completely with flowers. Packed closely together in a rich display of one or an array of colours.

Simple Beauty

Use a stunning wall to feature a special design or motif that is significant to you.

Minimalist style

Place vines and flowers to highlight a wall rather than cover it completely.

Rustic Compromise

Instead of a wall create a beautiful archway. Combine branches, vines and hanging flowers to add a touch of nature. Add a solid wall of leaves behind for a more mystical effect.

Classy combination

Merge flowers with drapes of soft material for stylish floral walls, or match them with tropical prints for themed weddings.

Organic elegance

For a more natural feel mix your blooms with petals, twigs and leaves. Beautiful indoors or outside.

These are just some examples of the ways that you can design your own flower wall it’s all up to your imagination.

What materials do you need for a flower wall?

How to make a flower wall for wedding

With so many flowers and plant options around, it can be hard to decide on which flower wall you’ll make at your wedding. Here are the three main types, along with what you’ll need. Making a flower wall for a wedding can be done with real plants and artificial flowers.

Real blooms

Organic blooms for a wedding are classy and beautiful. Choose the right flowers to add ambience. You can even consider the fragrance of the flowers. Popular favourites include the traditional Rose, Hydrangea and Orchid. Whilst modern day blooms include the likes of the Daisy and succulents.

The real flowers for a wedding can be difficult to obtain, so order in advance. And don’t forget they can wilt.

Artificial flowers

Using artificial flowers or plants for your wedding wall is a realistic option. With high-quality products on the market, you can add gorgeous natural features to your wedding that will fool even the most practised eye into thinking they are real.

There are some definite advantages of using artificial components for your flower wall.  They look as good as real flowers and have a more consistent look. Availability will be less of an issue – especially if you need large quantities. And best of all they don’t wilt, so can be assembled way ahead of time.

Other materials

Another trend with wedding walls includes the use of paper or plastic materials. Although they do not have the same realistic feel as blooms or artificial flowers, they can showcase their beauty and again your creative style.

How to use your flower wall?

If you are not sure whether a flower wall is suitable for your wedding and how to use one, here are some ideas for how to add one to your decor:

  • As a backdrop for your ceremony;
  • Beautiful for either indoors or outdoors at your ceremony and/or your reception;
  • Use as a feature wall that people will remember and use for their selfies before they leave;
  • Add in front of your venue, especially outdoors, to help guests find their way.

Get creative and use flowers to make your wedding memorable.

What other ways would you use a flower wall at a wedding? We would love to hear your suggestions.

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