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Ways to increase property value with greenery disks

Improve property value with artificial green wall disks

If you need to sell a home, what better way to do it than to increase the value of your investment. For one couple this was their recent request to us as they wanted to beautify their pool space, even at a time when the weather didn’t say summer is fully here.

Improve property value - pool with artficial green wall disks - property for sale

We take a look at some ways to improve your property value in this blog, while showing you a recent example where our clients were able to add more to their space using artificial green wall disks.

How to improve your property value?

When it comes to any investment, we want to get more return from the amount we originally paid for. The same goes for a house we put on the market.

You can improve the value of your property by making drastic or simple changes. Simple changes may include changing curtains, blinds, painting or filling patches of the wall, or adding to the home with greenery. More complex changes often mean spending more money. This can be dangerous if you consider whether you’ll get back more for the additional cost to your home sale. A change like this could be knocking out a wall to create more space or adding new tiles to an old bathroom.

The pros and cons of having a pool

Having a pool doesn’t appeal to everyone. Families are often the home buyers who are happy to have a pool, whereas those who are retired or looking to settle may not want the maintenance and fuss that goes with having a swimming pool.

A family with a tight budget may also avoid a home with a pool if they expect the pool costs to outweigh the benefits.

With this in mind, it was important that we considered a pool may not entice buyers, so we had to find a way to brighten up the space.

The answer for this project was the unique green wall disks. The disks differ to green walls in that they combine a number of plants to create a beautiful art piece. They were used in conjunction with an artificial green wall.

The answer: Artificial green wall disks

Artificial green wall disks near pool for property value and home

Our clients said “with our project near completion we needed something that would give it an edge when going to market. There are houses, and there are homes! Something spectacular is what sells, not ordinary!” So the answer, in this case, was our green wall disks.

After installing the green wall disks the client felt that “The plants for the wall gave it that edge as a ‘move in’ ready project.”

The green wall disks added instant greenery and due to the fact they were the faux kind but highly lifelike, many people viewing the property were surprised to pick up that they would not require maintenance. This helped to aid the questions around pool maintenance in the home buyers mind.

Our clients mentioned, “this was great as we didn’t have time to wait to grow or install plants and we wanted to minimise landscaping costs.”

By using artificial greenery, the property was able to be sold and impress buyers at the same time. It took less time to improve the value of the property by choosing faux over real plants, which would have cost additional time and money.

If you need help creating a custom solution for your next project, contact our design team at Designer Plants today for a free consultation.

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