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Artificial hedges protect home security

How Artificial hedges add to home security

Artificial hedges protect home security

Artificial hedges can help add a barrier to your home and assist with the security of your space.

According to The Australian Institute of Criminology, 36 per cent of homeowners, believe they will be burgled in 12 months. In 2013/14, the ABS reported the number of burglaries was 28,515. One way to reduce the risk of being burgled is to add greater barriers to your home. Artificial hedges provide a cost-effective and zero maintenance solution to your security needs. Hedges can, for this reason, fill gaps in areas open to public viewing and reduce the opportunity for unwanted guests to enter your home. Thus, you can avoid becoming another statistic or feeling unsafe in your property.

Further, artificial hedges or boxwood hedges can deliver your home instant privacy. Through the use of artificial plants, you can hide unwanted items or views from the public passing your area. As a result, you can freely go about your business without the fear of passers by seeing you exercise, feed your child or who knows, even being naked!

Lastly, hedges can also add to the security of your home for your children or patrons. The hedges provide a barrier from the outside environment. Thus, possibly protecting them from strangers, pollution and busy roads that may harm even pets.

Overall artificial hedges provide a cost-effective and safe way for you to add a barrier to your home from unwanted guests. In addition, to give you the privacy you deserve in your space.

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