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A green office wall environment for AiiMS Digital Agency

A green office environment for AiiMS Digital Agency

Artificial Green Walls create a calm and peaceful environment in a bustling office space


Office-fit out for global digital marketing agency

Operating in various parts of Asia, including Australia, New Zealand, and China, AiiMS Digital Agency is a leader in digital marketing. Their entrepreneurial spirit and technical knowledge are matched by their exceptional people skills, making them an up-and-coming digital agency to watch across Australia and New Zealand.

Specialising in helping SMEs better understand digital platforms and creating customised strategies for their clients, AiiMS is focused on demystifying the digital marketing process for their clients, and allowing them to truly flourish at an international level.

Inspired by their tagline, “Trust The Process”, they were a joy to work with in completing this office fit-out project!

Lowering team stress with the beauty of life-like greenery

As a rising star in the marketing industry, AiiMS wanted their office decor to fit their bold image and branding. When they began designing the interiors of their recently renovated headquarters in Sydney, Australia, they were determined to create an office environment that was both aesthetically pleasing and mentally calming.

That’s when they decided that greenery and vertical garden walls would be the perfect addition to their decor – and they were right! Research has shown that even just looking at greenery can lower work stress levels, so it truly aids in creating a calm and comforting work environment. As a bonus, viewing greenery can also help people work better, and boost attention. It’s a win-win!

However, knowing that their busy staff wouldn’t be able to attend to real plants was a consideration too. So how can you have lush greenery on your walls without frequent maintenance? The answer: artificial vertical green walls.

Green Walls customised to match their new office dimensions

After viewing our vast array of artificial vertical gardens, the team at AiiMS opted for our hugely popular White Oasis Vertical Garden Panels. These artificial green wall panels contain an arrangement of highly realistic lush green grass, as well as a variety of stems. Together, these create a verdant backdrop to the life-like white lily flowers that add texture and brightness to this statement-making panel.

These artificial green wall panels are easy to install and can be trimmed to suit any wall size, which made them a perfect choice for the various spaces at AiiMS headquarters. They were installed in multiple spaces and were easily tailored to the specific measurements of each one.

The best part of the whole fit-out? With no need for watering, soil replacement, or pest control, the White Oasis Vertical Garden Panels offer all the perks of verdant greenery with none of the constant effort. Being able to enjoy gorgeous, vibrant greenery every day  – now that’s what we call the office of our dreams.

Zero maintenance results in less fuss and more productivity

The team at AiiMS decided to go big from the start – every single room in their newly renovated office was to have artificial green walls! This bold approach to decor is completely on-brand for the agency, which made perfect sense for the project.

White Oasis Vertical Garden panels were installed in the welcome lounge, hallways, meeting rooms, work stations, and even stairwells. They made sure that every space was optimised for peace and productivity, and it really makes an impact on the overall look of their headquarters. The moment you walk into the office building, you’re greeted with lush greenery as far as the eye can see.

More importantly, all this bespoke, luxurious greenery will not require any extra work to maintain, allowing their talented employees to focus on what they do best instead of spending precious time and energy on watering or trimming live plants. They can rest easy knowing their elegant green walls will still continue looking fresh and life-like for years to come!

A green office environment for AiiMS Digital Agency

Client Testimonial

“We are extremely pleased with the green walls and artificial plants provided to us by the team at Designer Plants.

As a marketing agency, our image and brand are super important. Recently undergoing a complete renovation of our headquarters in Sydney, the addition of the internal grow walls used, has taken our office look and feel to another level and really uplifted the overall image of our space.

The quality of the products in addition to the level of service provided by Designer Plants has been amazing. We found them to be extremely well priced and by far the best quality. Very highly recommended and will definitely use again for our next fit-out!”

– Matt Walker, CEO of AiiMS Group

Client: AiiMS Group

Budget: $3000 or less

Product and Service: Installation of White Oasis Green Wall Panels

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