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Artificial Royal Coconut Palm Tree

Top 5 Outdoor Artificial Trees

Picture this – you look out your window and see the most beautiful view of tall, healthy, vibrant trees that remain gorgeously green and full all year round. There are no dry leaves, no root system slowly destroying the foundation of your house and no saplings that take years or even decades to reach full growth.

Sounds like a completely impossible dream, right?

Well, you know what they say about dreams coming true! What if we told you that it’s entirely possible for you to have a garden of healthy trees that don’t shed, don’t create destructive root systems and are fully grown from the get go?

The answer to all your dreams is already here: artificial trees!

Following the massive popularity of their smaller artificial plant counterparts, fake trees are looking to gain their place in the spotlight, and wow, they’re ready to put on quite a show.

So if you’re looking to create a truly evergreen garden, read on to discover top 5 artificial trees that will look perfect in your outdoor yard!

Top 5 Outdoor Artificial Trees

There are many factors to consider when it comes to choosing the best outdoor artificial trees for your garden. You need to make sure that you find the perfect spot for each tree that is sheltered from the elements while still creating an impact to the overall design of your outdoor space. Consider also the function of the tree – is it to provide shade, add a decorative flair, or lend more privacy to your home?

Once you have these different factors all figured out, you can start looking for the right artificial outdoor trees for your specific outdoor garden design. Here are 5 of the best artificial trees to help you get started!

  1. Artificial Fiddle Leaf Fig*

Artificial Fiddle Leaf Fig

Any plant parent will tell you that a fiddle leaf fig is one of the most difficult trees to maintain and keep alive. But the beautiful large leaves are so expressive and compelling that it remains a popular tree for a lot of folks.

If you’re a fan of the fiddle leaf fig but can’t deal with the heartbreak of having it dying on you, then why not give the artificial version a go? A perfect match for the real thing, the fake version of this popular tree will give you lots of design points without all the headache.

  1. Artificial Cypress Pine Tree*

Cypress Pine Tree

This classic tree is so versatile, it can suit just about any outdoor garden style! Perpetually manicured and densely filled with leaves, the artificial Cypress Pine Tree works well with other plants and looks incredibly realistic too.

  1. Artificial Ficus Tree*

Artificial Ficus Tree

Multi-tonal leaves and realistic details on the trunk of this ficus tree ensures that most people will mistake it for the real thing. With a full, bushy look thanks to a large amount of leaves, this fresh and fabulous ficus tree is a must-have in any outdoor garden!

  1. Artificial Olive Tree with Olives*

Artificial Olive Tree with Olives

An olive tree never looks out of place. Artfully spread branches and a distinct leaf shape come together to create a tree that is riveting to look at, but it’s the little olives that truly make this tree come to life. Unfortunately, you’ll have to wait for years for the real version to grow olives! This artificial olive tree comes with faux olives so you can capture the Mediterranean spirit right away.

  1. Tropical Phoenix Potted Palm Tree*

Tropical Phoenix Potted Palm Tree

Create a tropical paradise in your own backyard with this artificial potted palm tree! Expressive fronds bring beach resort vibes right into your background. With this readily potted artificial plant, you’ll be relaxing in your tropical outdoor garden in no time – all you need is a glass of pina colada and a comfy hammock to complete the look.

Note: Products marked with a * are only suitable for outdoor use when sprayed with a UV protectant spray. This spray will help protect the artificial tree from solar damage which can cause fading, cracking and discolouration to the artificial greenery over time.

How To Maintain The Color Of Your Outdoor Artificial Trees

When it comes to the long-term durability and vibrancy of your trees, there are a lot of different factors to consider. But we promise, it’s not that difficult!

The first – and most important – thing to consider is solar damage. As we mentioned before, UV damage from sun exposure can cause fading discolouration of leaves. It can also cause the leaves and stems to become dry and brittle, which may lead to cracking and breakage.

That’s why you need to consider UV protection above all else when choosing your outdoor artificial trees. Built-in UV protection is the gold standard for artificial plants, and at Designer Plants®, we have a range of artificial plants that have UV protection built into their material.

That means that all these plants and trees will last much longer than their unprotected counterparts, because they’re designed to withstand UV rays  from the very start.

If you opt for artificial trees with no UV protection built into it, then we highly recommend using a UV protection spray every few months. With correct usage, the spray will provide much-needed solar protection for your outdoor artificial trees.

You should also consider the location for your artificial tree – find a spot that is sheltered from heavy rain and snow, or extreme winds. A shaded or partially shaded spot is also great for limiting sun exposure, which will add more years to your tree’s durability.

Lastly, cleaning your trees every few months will help remove any buildup of dust and dirt, so keep your outdoor artificial trees looking vibrant by doing this every 3-6 months! Along with a damp cloth, give them a quick wipe-down with some gentle cleaning spray or warm soapy water.

Tree too tall to reach the leaves? A quick wash with your garden hose will make short work of the cleaning process.

What makes a fake outdoor tree look real?

Creating a convincing fake outdoor tree requires attention to detail and a blend of design elements that mimic nature. We create all of our plants to be as botanically accurate as possible.

For example when it comes to trees, the texture of the bark plays a significant role. Incorporating intricate textures and colors resembling real tree bark adds authenticity.Varied and realistic shades of green for the leaves or needles are crucial, as well as incorporating slight variations in color to mimic natural growth patterns.

The arrangement of branches and foliage should mirror the irregularity found in genuine trees. A mix of branch sizes and angles contributes to a more lifelike appearance. Incorporating UV-resistant materials also helps the tree withstand outdoor conditions without fading or deteriorating.

When you’re arranging your new plants, strategic placement of the fake outdoor trees within its environment enhances the realism.

Artificial Outdoor Trees Create Charm For Your Garden

If you’re planning your next garden makeover, you need to add artificial trees to your plans! This beautiful foliage can have a big impact on your outdoor garden and are quick to set up. They are low maintenance, easy to install, and stay beautiful through all seasons – they are truly the future of landscaping.

Need some help choosing the best artificial trees for your garden? The artificial designer plants experts here at Designer Plants are ready to assist you! Get in touch with us now so we can help you get started on building the outdoor garden of your dreams.

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