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Vertical green walls add high impact without taking up floor space

Tips For Gardening In Small Spaces With Artificial Plants

Building an artificial garden can be such a fun adventure, but when you only have a small space to work with, it can present a bit of a challenge. But gardening in small spaces can be so rewarding! Whether you’re an urban dweller with a small courtyard or an apartment resident with a balcony, a small garden space can be a much-needed escape from the daily grind, so how can you create a garden oasis when you have so little space?

Well, with a little planning and a lot of creativity, we promise you it can be done! All you need is a few small garden space ideas.

Artificial plants provide an accessible option for small spaces because you won’t have to be concerned with factors like sunlight, soil management, pest control, and frequent watering. Having a small garden that you can set and forget? Absolutely priceless.

Keep reading to discover the different ways you can maximise your small garden space, tips for choosing the right artificial plants for your little outdoor garden, and a few creative garden ideas to really turn up the charm in even the smallest gardens!

Even a half wall looks stunning with artificial green wall panels

Analyse Your Space

The first thing you need to do is turn a critical eye on your garden space. This is the only way to capture the challenges and opportunities that you’ll have in creating your small outdoor artificial garden. Here are some questions to ask yourself for your small garden space:

1. What are things that work for or against you?

Have a good look around your small garden space and make a list of the most challenging factors in your garden planning. Perhaps it’s the lack of floor space, or maybe it’s unsightly utilities. But don’t forget to also look for things that work for you – for example, you might have ample wall space and lovely decking which you can highlight in your design.

2. Are there creative solutions you can use to maximise the small garden space?

This is where you can start getting really creative and think outside the box. Let’s say, for example, that you have a big air-conditioning unit on your small balcony. Perhaps you can consider camouflaging it with a small table where you can also place some artificial plants as decoration.

3. Are there any built-in things like fences or utilities to consider?

While you can change a lot of things in gardens of any size, built-in features are incredibly challenging and sometimes impossible to get rid of. It’s best that you recognise these things and work with them instead.

4. How do you want this space to function for you?

This is an important question that most folks neglect to ask themselves early on! But it’s so important that your garden – no matter how small – functions in a way that suits your lifestyle. Knowing that this space is built around your needs will mean that you’ll be motivated to spend more time in it!

The planning stage is also when you should measure everything accurately and jot it down somewhere. This will make it so much easier to plan the space and shop for plants, furniture, and accessories later on.

Vertical green walls add high impact without taking up floor space

Plan It Out

Now that you’ve nailed down what your space currently looks like, it’s time to plan what it’s going to look like after its grand makeover!

Coming up with a garden plan will take time, so don’t worry if you go through multiple rounds of re-designing. It’s much better to spend more time in the garden planning stages rather than jumping straight into building your garden, realising it won’t work, scrapping/removing everything, and starting again.

In case you need it, we’ve got a few tips to help you with planning your small garden space:

1. Draw it up

As much as we love a professional 3D design plan, we know that not everyone can access those services. So if all you have is a pencil, ruler, and a paper, don’t fret! That’s more than enough to create a plan for your small garden.

Bonus tip:

Draw out your space (as it is) on paper, then photocopy it. Now you’ll have a few blank templates to plan with!

2. Create a focal point

Seeing a blank space can sometimes feel overwhelming, so start off your plans by identifying a key area where you can put the most focus on. This area will be the focal point of your garden – the crown jewel of the space, as it were! Things like artwork, furniture, fire pits, or a water feature are a great way to bring attention to the focal point of your small garden.

Bonus tip:

Place your focal point where it’s visible from your indoor space, as it makes your outdoor space that little more inviting. Plus, it creates a bit of visual interest for your indoor spaces too!

3. Think of the people

A well-planned space should always work for its people, not the other way around. So make sure you’re thinking about you and your household members when planning your space. Whether it’s providing comfortable seating or adding lighting, make sure to plan for the different ways you and your family would like to use the space.

Bonus tip:

Let your family members be a part of the planning process! Hand out those templates, flip through design magazines, watch some videos about designing a garden, and have fun designing it together!

4. Set a realistic budget

Last but not least, you need to set a realistic budget for your small garden project. Make sure to take into account:

  • The artificial plants that you’ll be using in the space
  • Any furniture, planters, or decor you want to add on
  • Rocks, pebbles, bricks, or wood that you’ll need

Bonus tip:

Check out local social pages or Facebook Marketplace to see if anyone might have old items to give away that you can reuse in your small garden.

Green wall panels look realistic and fresh in all seasons.

Choose The Perfect Artificial Plants For Your Space

There are so many factors to consider when buying artificial plants for your garden. It’s so important to choose quality artificial plants for your small garden. High-quality artificial plants are more realistic and durable, meaning you’ll get more bang for your buck! Investing in well-made artificial plants also ensures that your garden looks beautiful without worrying about replacing the plants every few months.

Apart from that, you also want to choose the best design of artificial plants for your garden. There’s a massive range of designs out in the market. You can pretty much find artificial alternatives for any real plant! So take the time to choose artificial plants that really suit your garden plans.

For example, if you have high ceilings and a lot of vertical space, consider using hanging baskets and plant stems to fill up that void. The greenery draws the eye up without taking up precious floor space. Plus, you can mix and match different artificial hanging plant stems to really make a statement.

Vertical garden panels are also a popular option for small spaces. They take up such a tiny amount of floor space but make a huge impact in a small area. Whether you decorate your space with green wall panels from floor to ceiling, or opt for a half-wall effect, we’ve seen small spaces truly transformed by this type of artificial greenery.

Add greenery and privacy with artificial plants and vertical gardens.

Another option for small spaces is the use of tall plants. Whether it’s an artificial bamboo tree or a faux monstera, this type of artificial plant adds a lovely decorative element in your small space without taking up much actual floor space.

No matter what type of artificial plant you choose, just remember to research the manufacturer that you’re purchasing from. You have to make sure that the plants you’re buying are safe to use in your space, and will last longer than just a few months.

At Designer Plants®, we are committed to creating safe, non-toxic, UV-resistant, and low-maintenance artificial plants that look realistic and last for years! So you can trust that any plant you buy from us will be the highest quality you’ll find on the market.

Once you’ve built your garden, you’ll also want to make sure that you take steps to protect your artificial plants outdoors.

Get Creative With Your Small Garden

Even tiniest outdoor space can benefit from creative garden design ideas! So how can you build the perfect outdoor artificial garden? The key is to decorate your garden with more than just plants. Make sure you accessorise your beautiful new garden so it can reflect your personality and become a space you’ll want to spend all your time in!

  • Use unique pots and planters
  • Accessorise with art and sculpture
  • Use shelving to display plants and other items
  • Invest in comfortable and weather-proof furniture
  • Install high-quality flooring
  • Consider small fire pits or water features
  • Add a bit of shade so you can use the space in all weather

Art and sculpture really add characted to a small garden space.

Don’t Be Afraid To Think Big With Your Small Space!

No matter how small your garden space is, don’t let it stop you from thinking big. Remember, your small garden design is limited only by imagination! There are so many creative solutions out there if you take your time to find inspiration.

Need a bit of help designing the small outdoor garden of your dreams? Our team of experts here at Designer Plants® can help you find the perfect artificial green wall or plant for your space. Contact us to find out more!

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