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artificial plants on backyard patio

Best Artificial Plants for Home Decor: The Homeowner’s Guide

Long gone are the days when most of our plants were outside.

Today, Australians are biting at the bit to include their greenery in their homes and extend the outdoor peace and tranquility to the inside.

And the fact that incorporating greenery into your home decor can transform your living space encourages this paradigm shift.

But sadly, not everyone has the time, resources, or green thumb needed to keep real plants alive. Yet, instead of wallowing in self-pity and cursing the creators who made you this way, you can simply opt for alternatives – the best artificial plant for home decor.

We’ve already talked in great detail about the best artificial outdoor plants, but we haven’t touched on the indoor ones. So, ready to dive into a guide that will help you choose the perfect faux greenery to enhance your home?

Let’s get started.

What Are the Best Artificial Plants for Home Decor?

Decorating with faux trees and greenery can be challenging since there are so many models to choose from. But it can also be a real adrenaline rush that triggers thousands of ideas to spur in your mind.

It’s a fact that any type of artificial plant is great for home decor if it’s made from quality materials and comes directly from a trustworthy supplier.

Still, to make the transition easier for you, we’ve compiled a list of the best artificial plants for indoors and outdoors that are our clients’ favourites:

  • Artificial Trees

Artificial trees are a fantastic addition to any home decor due to their size and appearance. These good artificial plants can fill an empty corner in the living room and, in turn, create a lush, natural focal point.

faux artificial trees

Besides this, artificial trees provide height and structure to a room without begging for water or sunlight. These traits make them ideal for low-light areas, both indoors and out. Some of the best fake trees for living room spaces include artificial fiddle leaf figs, palms, and bonsai trees because they mimic their natural counterparts to a T.

If you decide to get an artificial tree from our extensive collection, don’t be surprised when your guests get up in its personal space to touch its leaves. It’s what you get for having realistic fake greenery.

  • Artificial Hanging Plants

Artificial hanging plants are the perfect green addition to smaller spaces. They’re a good decor element to visually expand a small room and create a cascading effect from high shelves or ceilings.

They bring a touch of nature to any room and are especially effective in kitchens, bathrooms, or living room corners. Their trailing vines can add depth and enhance the beauty of your interior decor.

Decorating with artificial greenery never goes out of style – you’ll have a vibrant interior in no time because faux hanging plants are very easy to install. And if you opt to put a hanging plant on your balcony or closed terrace, you’ll get a natural transition from inside to outside.

At Designer Plants, we have much to offer in terms of artificial hanging plants. Still, most of our popular choices include ivy, pothos, and string of pearls.

  • Artificial Orchids

Real orchids are notoriously difficult to care for. They’re stiffy and require very precise conditions to thrive.

Artificial orchids, on the other hand, offer the same elegant beauty without the hassle.

artificial orchid flowers

These realistic artificial plants are perfect for adding sophistication to any room. They come in various colours and sizes, making them a versatile choice for home decor. Check out our collection and explore the variety of options, colours and sizes available.

  • Artificial Flower Arrangements

Artificial flower arrangements can brighten up any space with vibrant colours and realistic appearances.

As the perfect element for centrepieces, artificial flower arrangements can brighten up any room in a wink. Besides this, you can use these arrangements as mantel decor, or as splashes of colour in any room.

faux flower arrangements

The best artificial flower arrangements mimic the look and feel of real flowers and provide long-lasting beauty without maintenance. If you have a favourite plant that you can’t keep alive for some mysterious reason – just find its faux doppelganger in our online store!

Why Should You Decorate With Fake Plants?

Decorating with faux plants has many pros, making this an excellent choice for anyone eager to add greenery to your space.

Here are some compelling reasons why you should choose faux plants for your decor:

  • They Look Real

Modern realistic artificial plants are crafted with incredible attention to detail. In many cases, they’re nearly indistinguishable from real plants.

High-quality materials and lifelike designs ensure that your faux plants will look stunningly real and fool even the most discerning eye. Advanced manufacturing techniques allow for intricate details such as realistic leaves, stems, and even faux soil in the pots, making it difficult for guests to tell the difference between fake and real plants unless they touch them.

  • They’re Low-Maintenance

One of the biggest advantages of artificial plants is that they require no maintenance. There’s no need for watering rosters, pruning, or worrying about sunlight.

This makes them the perfect decoration for any premise and an attractive option for busy Australians. You can enjoy a lush, green environment with artificial plants without the commitment and effort needed to keep real plants alive.

Remind us again – who doesn’t want more time on their hands?

  • They’re Hypoallergenic

For those who suffer from allergies, artificial plants are a saving grace. Unlike their real counterparts, faux plants don’t produce pollen or harbour mould, which makes them safe for allergy-prone people.

This allows you to enjoy the beauty of plants without the sneezing, crying and general discomfort. Fake plants for a living room come with the visual appeal of high-end greenery without the risk of triggering allergic reactions, ensuring your indoor environment remains healthy and comfortable.

  • They’re Pet-Safe

Pets often chew on or knock over real plants, some of which can be toxic to them. The best fake plants pose no such risk and make sure that your furry friends stay safe while your home remains beautifully decorated.

With artificial plants, you won’t have to worry about your pets ingesting harmful substances or damaging your plants. The synthetic materials we use in the creation of our fauxliege is entirely free of toxins and won’t harm your four-legged pals in any way.

With this, you’ll have peace of mind and a pet-friendly home environment at the same time.

  • They Don’t Attract Bugs

Because artificial plants don’t release pollen, they’re not a lighthouse equivalent for insects like real greenery is.

This means you can enjoy a bug-free environment without having to deal with pests. Real plants can sometimes become breeding grounds for bugs and pests, which can quickly become a nuisance in your home.

Luckily, faux plants eliminate this problem, allowing you to maintain a clean and pest-free living space for years.

Finishing Thoughts:

Decorating your home with the best artificial plants for home decor offers a multitude of benefits, from their realistic appearance to their low-maintenance nature.

Whether you’re looking for fake plants for a living room corner or want to explore decorating with faux trees and greenery, there’s a faux plant perfect for every space.

Regardless if you choose artificial trees, hanging plants, orchids, or flower arrangements, you’ll enjoy a stylish, green space that requires no upkeep. Browse through the best artificial plants for indoors and find the perfect blend of beauty and convenience.

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