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Colourful balcony makeover

4 Reasons Artificial Orchids Are a Good Idea

Question: What do Venus Slippers, Bog Candle, Glory of the East, Monkey Goblet and Dancing Girls have in common?

They are all common names for orchid varieties!

Orchids are amongst the most popular flowers around the world. At last count, there were well over 25,000 varieties, and Australia is home to some stunning native orchids.

Something about them – their exotic elegance and striking colours – catches your eye and commands your attention. That is, of course, if you know a thing or two about caring for orchids. Such beauty needs to be maintained and doesn’t happen overnight! The Frustrated Gardener website provides the obvious clue to just how tricky it can be to keep orchids looking like a picture of perfection.

Luckily, at Designer Plants™, we have a solution for you. Artificial orchids! They come with all the beauty and style but none of the hard work. And that’s not all! These faux blooms are never out of season, allergy sufferers love them, and the plants will look stunning all by themselves or grouped with succulents, artificial hanging plants or alongside large-leaved plants. Here are our top four arguments in support of faux orchids.

Colourful balcony makeover

1. It’s always orchid season

One of the most common indoor varieties is the iconic Phalaenopsis with its pure white petals. But even that fan favourite goes into extended hibernation and needs good care to bloom year after year.

When placed indoors, real orchids will generally bloom in winter and early spring for up to three months. Its flowering season depends on the right spot, temperature, potting and repotting, pruning and the correct soil and fertiliser mix.

On the other hand, with a faux Phalaenopsis, you will never have to check the stem for any signs of life or wait for blooms to appear in winter. You won’t need to nurture a plant that is just a stalk and a couple of green leaves for nine months of the year.

Instead, you’ll have a high-quality, stunning artificial orchid, with real touch petals and life-like blooms and blossoms that will look perfect all year round.

Consider this: Real orchids are hard to resist when you see them in full bloom on the shelves of garden centres and supermarkets, but they will only last if you take good care of them.

More often than not, these stylish beauties end up in the rubbish as soon as the flowering season is over. A high-quality artificial plant also makes for a sustainable option that can be displayed for a longer time, making it kind to the environment in the long term.

This is what a Phalaenopsis looks like if you don’t have a green thumb!

2. Orchids are always “guest-ready”

One of the things that makes a house – or apartment – a home is having friends and family over, sharing a good meal with them, watching the footy together, or celebrating a birthday.

Typically, a mad dash to tidy up the place precedes these imminent visits and friendly takeovers. The overflowing washing basket gets flung into the spare room; the home office corner gets the once-over. We whip out the vacuum cleaner and quickly throw out the dry blooms and brownish water that has been languishing in a vase for the last two weeks.

But then, there are the unannounced visitors! The ones who were just thinking of us and thought to drop in. We love them for their spontaneity, but they’ve also caught us with an empty fridge, the washing drying on a rack in the living room, and our plants and flowers looking decidedly miserable.

Whilst we can’t help you with your washing, there are takeaway options to take care of an empty fridge,  and we can definitely help you with the droopy flowers and potted plants.

Why not invest in lovely faux foliage from Designer Plants™ instead of trying to nurture indoor blooms and plants? You get to choose your favourite plant; you’ll never have to worry about dead leaves, unsightly bare stalks and smelly water sitting in saucers or vases. Your green decor will always be impeccable stylish, and guest-ready!

Butterfly Orchid by Designer Plants™

3. They don’t cause allergies

Did you know that vanilla belongs to the orchid family? Yes, those sought after pods are what’s left once the flower has died back? Wouldn’t it be amazing to have that scent wafting through the air on a warm summer night?

So many blooms have the loveliest, sweet fragrance? Lilies, citrus, frangipani, daphne or roses are just a few flowering plants (for example White Artificial Green Wall Disc 75cm) that can add that little extra delight to a space and draw people to it.

However, not everyone can tolerate their intense aromas. The scent of lilies, for example, can be quite overpowering and can cause severe headaches. Ask any nurse; they will likely tell you they’ll have to take heavily scented flowers out of a patient’s room.

Other plants, like the Peace Lily or tulips, are toxic to cats. Dogs should stay clear of mistletoe and a few other shrubs. Oleander doesn’t agree with humans or pets, and Australia seems to grow quite a few nasties poisonous to humans. The list of plants that can cause seasonal allergies and allergic reactions is even longer.

That brings us to reason number three why artificial orchids and faux plants are such a great idea. You will never have to worry about whether or not your lovely plant is safe for children and pets, or whether your guests might have an allergic reaction to your blooms.

High quality artificial foliage

4. They can live anywhere

All the efforts to care for real greenery will not even be a blip on your radar when choosing a faux plant.  An artificial orchid will look stunning anywhere, brighten up a darker corner of a room, make an eye-catching centrepiece, add a touch of elegance to a bathroom or complete that modern, crisp look. Spots are completely interchangeable, the ultimate interior design dream.

Designer Plants™ offer some of the most popular and stunning orchid varieties and ornamental plants. Many of them are already potted, ready to take their spot or make a lovely gift for someone special.

One of our favourites is the gorgeous Butterfly Orchid with its delicate, hand-crafted blossoms. Imagine it paired with a couple of hanging baskets at various heights, with String of Pearl Beads or Ivy cascading down and some succulents adding subtle height and a pop of colour.

There are so many good reasons to use fake hanging plants indoors. Hanging baskets are wonderful space savers and give any room that instant pick-me-up.

Final thoughts

Whether real or faux, orchids know how to make an entrance! Their striking beauty is perhaps most evident in event planning and wedding design.

But away from the opulence of these celebrations, it all comes down to simply choosing something that you love to brighten your day. High-quality, handmade orchids and artificial plants will bring you joy for a long time without the fiddly work. Enjoy!

Not sure which artificial plant would be perfect for your space? Please get in touch with us so our Designer Plants™ experts can help you find something in our wide range of artificial plants, flowers, and vertical garden panels to suit your home or business!

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