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pet friendly artificial plant walls

Are Fake Plants Toxic to Pets? A Guide for Pet Owners

As pet owners, our furry friends’ safety is always a top priority.

To ensure our pets are as safe as a lamb in the fold, we often go above and beyond. We rearrange furniture, buy specific decor and even install security cameras to keep a watchful eye when we’re away.

But sometimes, there may be a slip-up that jeopardises our pets’ safety, like that toxic plant we bought from our local store that one time. Suddenly, our pets are acting strangely and we’re rushing them to the vet because they decided to chew on a leaf.

So how do we prevent such disasters from happening in the future? Are fake plants also toxic to pets?

Given how curious pets can be, this concern is understandable and warrants more research. In this blog, we’ll talk about the safety of artificial plants for pets and compare them to real plants.

We’ll warn you – you might be looking to throw away your pothos after reading this.

Are Fake Plants Safe for Pets?

Yes, fake plants are not toxic to pets.

Unlike some real plants that contain harmful substances, most artificial plants are made from pet-safe materials. This makes them a great alternative for pet owners who want the esthetic benefits of greenery without the risk of poisoning their pets.

Artificial plants are typically made from a combination of materials such as silk, plastic, and polyester. These materials are generally non-toxic and do not pose a risk if ingested in small amounts by pets and even children.

Yet, it’s always wise to ensure your artificial greenery comes from a reputable manufacturer that has explicitly outlined all materials used during production to avoid any issues. This will help you distinguish between higher and lower-quality products that might contain harmful chemicals.

Why Choose Artificial Over Real Plants for Your Pets?

Real plants can enhance the beauty of your home, but with a risk that may pose real danger for your pets.

Our furry friends, especially cats and dogs, are naturally curious and can chew on leaves any time you turn your head for a second. Unfortunately, this may lead to poisoning.

If your pet ingests a toxic plant, it can result in severe health issues and potentially hefty vet bills. To ensure you have your wits about you, remember the most common houseplants that are toxic to pets include:

  • Lilies: Extremely toxic to cats, causing kidney failure.
  • Pothos: Can cause vomiting and oral irritation in both dogs and cats.
  • Philodendron: Known to cause swelling and irritation of the mouth and tongue.

Given these risks, it’s crucial to research any real plants before bringing them into a home with pets. And if by any chance you see your pet vomiting and drooling, acting lethargically or exhibiting symptoms of diarrhea – call your vet immediately.

When it comes to safety, non-toxic fake plants are a reliable option. Reputable suppliers like Designer Plants provide detailed information about the materials used on each product page to help you make informed decisions.

Your pets love exploring and getting familiar with everything in their surroundings. So, it’s your obligation to provide a safe nest for them to grow and thrive.

At our store, we take pride in the quality of our artificial plants. We ensure they are made from non-toxic materials and give you all the necessary information upfront. Banjo, our owner’s beloved dog, is surrounded by our faux greenery daily and is still fit as a fiddle years later.

bonjo dog playing with artificial plants

dog bonjo posing in front of faux outdoor hedge


What Are the 3 Best Pet-Friendly Artificial Plants?

So, which pet-friendly artificial plants should you start with?

Below, you’ll find 3 suggestions we know work well, but if you want more information, we implore you to reach out to our team before you buy anything you’re not 100% sure about.

As an overview, here’s what we recommend for pet owners:

Faux Green Walls

Since faux green walls are installed vertically and often 40-50 centimetres above the floor, they’re not imposing for your pet’s curious eye.

What’s more, the faux green panels are easy to install and provide you with new, breathtaking décor, inside and out. If you decide to purchase an artificial green wall, bear in mind that even though the materials and dyes are not toxic, there is a slight choking hazard if leaves are swallowed.

Artificial Green Wall Discs

The artificial green wall disks are unconventional yet unique pieces of décor.

They give way to effortlessly adding a touch of nature to your space and emulate the lushness of a hanging garden without the need for regular care. What’s more – they’re compact and hang high up on the walls!

So, even that kangaroo-wannabe cat of yours can’t be able to reach them! As a result, you’ll have marvellous and pet-friendly decorations simultaneously!

Artificial Trees

Artificial trees are a unique way to emphasize the importance of decor in a specific room of the house or flat. They’re sturdy and don’t need soil in the pot, so there’s no mess if the pets hang around it.

While the materials and dyes are non-toxic, we still encourage you to keep an eye on your pets to ensure they don’t swallow parts of the artificial tree. As with all small household items, it could lead to an obstruction.

General Advice

With that being said, we guess you wouldn’t want to designate separate rooms as off-limits to your pets, would you?

That’s why in addition to regular exercise, you should train your pets using positive reinforcement to keep them away from your plants. Reward them with treats and affection when they maintain their distance, and teach commands like “leave it” when they don’t. With enough patience and consistent practice, they’ll eventually learn to stay away from the plants.

Note: While all artificial plants are safe for pets, some might command more attention than others. As a result, we advise against using very long and trailing artificial hanging plants to avoid cats jumping and swinging from them. If you’d like faux hanging plants, keep them in a more inaccessible location.

Finishing Thoughts

In summary, are fake plants toxic to pets?

No, they’re not.

When purchased from reputable suppliers, artificial plants are safe for pets and offer a worry-free way to enjoy greenery in your home. Ensure your pets’ safety and rest easy knowing they can explore their environment without risking their health.


Most frequent questions and answers

Fake plants are generally safe for pets to chew on since they are typically made from non-toxic materials such as silk, plastic, and polyester. However, while they are not toxic, ingesting large amounts could potentially cause digestive blockages, so it’s best to discourage pets from chewing on them.

Yes, cats can safely be around fake plants. Artificial plants do not contain the harmful substances that some real plants do, making them a pet-friendly choice for households with cats.

No, artificial trees are not toxic to cats. They’re made from safe materials that do not pose a risk if chewed on or ingested in small amounts, at least not those bought from Designer Plants. As with any fake plants, it’s important to ensure they come from a reputable manufacturer that allows you to see all of the information to avoid any potentially harmful chemicals.

Artificial trees, made from non-toxic materials are safer, as there’s no risk of poisoning from toxic real plants. Real trees can sometimes contain substances that are harmful to cats, but if you happen to trust your cat enough and you really love the appearance of authentic fauna, you can still go for real!

Yes, fake plants are generally okay for reptiles. They can provide hiding spots and enrichment without the risk of introducing harmful substances. Ensure the fake plants are made from non-toxic materials and are easy to clean.

The answer would be yes only if you bought specific plants for aquarium use. You shouldn’t use fake plants that are meant for home décor only. They are not safe if not made from materials that won’t harm your aquatic or terrestrial pets. Always ask a professional before making such a decision.

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