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Creating a lush corner with artificial wall plants

Add a touch of colour with artificial flowers

Faux blooms and flowering plants have never been more popular! Event managers and wedding planners swear by them, and interior designers use them to add that certain je ne sais quoi to a space. And us mere mortals? Well, there are hundreds of creative ways to spruce up a place with artificial flower arrangements and plants – without breaking the bank or worrying about keeping your greenery alive.

Read on to find out what to look for when buying faux-liage and how to look after your stems and plants to ensure you will enjoy them for a long time. We’ve also asked our Designer Plants team for their favourite tips and tricks.

Benefits of artificial plants

If you and gardening don’t see eye to eye, artificial plants and blooms are an easy, hassle-free way to add colourful flowers and lush foliage to your home – and make them look good.

Here are our top five reasons why you should make artificial plants and flowers your go-to:

  • You can place them anywhere. They don’t need sunlight, don’t suffer from heat, or care if it’s windy! They will always look their best. They’re also super lightweight, making them the perfect greenery for hanging baskets and green walls.
  • These days, high-quality artificial plants are very realistic looking. A realistic-looking artificial plant will have slight imperfections, leaves and petals in various sizes, and blooms that are not fully open yet. These little touches make them hard to tell apart from real ones. Take the ever-popular hydrangea, for example. You will never find a real plant where all flower heads are in full bloom simultaneously!
  • Artificial greenery is budget-friendly – especially if you haven’t got a green thumb. And even with the best of care and lots of water, a bouquet of fresh flowers will likely end up in the rubbish bin after a week or two – your fake blooms, on the other hand, will last for years.
  • They come in exactly the size you want them. You won’t have to wait a few seasons until your plant is the right size – you won’t have to do any pruning, either!
  • They’re easy to mix and mingle. Because they are so lightweight and mess-free, you can easily create quite a different look by choosing a different pot for your artificial plant or mixing fresh sprigs of greenery into your artificial flower arrangement. We love these faux pink Lilys, for example. Imagine changing this bouquet’s look by adding a few eucalyptus or magnolia branches.
Up close and personal - flowering walls
Up close and personal with a high-quality flowering wall

Choosing the right kind of artificial flowers

There is definitely a right kind and a wrong kind when it comes to artificial flowers. The difference is often in the quality of the materials used. One of the most persistent myths we hear is that artificial flowers will always look fake and cheap.

Choosing a good quality, natural-looking plant or flower is one thing. Arranging your faux-liage in a way that looks fresh and natural is another.

For a realistic look and to get the most out of your artificial blooms, why not:

  • Pop artificial flower stems into a vase with water? An empty vase is a dead giveaway.
  • Get a bundle! Rather than having just one artificial flower stem in a vase looking lonely, get yourself a nice mix of artificial foliage and blooms. It’ll allow you to mix things up and easily change the look and feel of a room. Designer Plants always has incredible plant bundles going. We especially love the combo of two flowering wall discs and six flowering stems.
  • Get your faux tulips out in spring! Flowering tulips at the height of summer might look a tad suspicious.
  • Go faux when decorating for a special occasion or event. Artificial flower walls such as these beauties can be set up days in advance. They will never wilt and always add that elegant and dreamy note you were looking for. You’ll have “decorations” ticked off your to-do list in no time

Using artificial flowers outside

If you’re looking for a low-maintenance solution to a bland view or unsightly wall outdoors, artificial flowering walls and plants will likely tick all your boxes.

Most Designer Plants products are already UV-treated and are outdoor-safe. If not, you can easily apply a sun protection spray to ensure they keep their good looks and vibrant colours – you can even use the same spray for your outdoor furniture!

Especially artificial vertical gardens offer an easy-to-install and easy-care solution for your outdoor privacy. They are lightweight, and you won’t need to raid the toolshed to install them yourself. And for a pop of extra colour, why not add a couple of potted Bird of Paradise plants to your outdoor creation – holiday vibes guaranteed.

If you are looking for inspiration to add greenery to an outdoor space, our blog on artificial vertical gardens offers you some fantastic ideas. And if you decide on a spot but are unsure how many green panels you’ll need, Designer Plants’ panel calculator will give you the necessary information.

An artificial flowering wall creating a stunning focal point.
An artificial flowering wall creates a stunning focal point.

How to care for your artificial flowers

Sit back and relax! Your fauxliage will require very little maintenance, whether indoors or outdoors, flowering stems, a flowering wall, or a potted plant.

You must do only two things to enjoy your artificial greenery for a long time:

  • Dust is the one dead giveaway that your plant or your blooms aren’t real. Give it the occasional wipe with a damp or dry cloth. We recommend using our eco-friendly artificial plant cleaner. Its natural oils clean and protect at the same time. However, make sure you read the information that will come with your chosen plant. Care might differ slightly depending on the material your plant is made of.
  • The Australian climate can be pretty harsh, especially during summer and along our coastlines. Check whether your plant or green wall panel is already UV-protected. If not, ensure you apply a UV spray regularly and on a clean surface.

And that’s it. You won’t ever have to water, fertilize or prune your greenery. As long as you keep the dust off and protect it from the harsh sun, you can enjoy your greenery for a very long time.

Final thoughts

While fresh flowers and plants will always bring with them the perfume of nature, their looks are, unfortunately, more often than not, short-lived.

Fill your home with beautiful blooms and foliage without any of the hassles that come with real flowers. Instead, use your time to enjoy your fauxliage and relax. And if you are unsure about which plant to choose or how to make the most of your artificial flowers, get in touch with us. We will always want to ensure that our products are the right fit for you and bring you joy.


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