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Artificial plants for home decor

The popularity of indoor plants has had a resurgence in recent times, with greenery-filled rooms and jungalows being featured in high-end magazines and Pinterest boards the world over! 

It’s clear that indoor greenery has mass appeal, but it can be tricky to figure out exactly how to incorporate plants in your life in general, let alone your home decor. Well, do not fret – if you’ve been wanting to decorate your home with artificial plants, we have prepared a guide to get you started!

Designer Plants Home Decor

Why choose artificial plants?

One of the most commonly cited reasons people don’t jump into incorporating plants into their home decor is the commitment involved in keeping a real plant alive. Artificial plants won’t die on you, and in fact require little to no maintenance at all!

Artificial plants also have the added benefit of being okay with being placed in areas of a home where real plants won’t survive – this can include dark corners and high-traffic areas that would usually spell doom for a real plant.

Another great reason to opt for artificial plants is that when it comes to space, you can rest assured that artificial plants will not grow past the size it was when you brought it home! Real plants grow, sometimes to great heights, and can actually outgrow the space it was intended to stay in.

How to use artificial plants in your home?

As we mentioned before, artificial plants will stay evergreen no matter where they’re placed. So if you have a spot in your home that could use some greening up, but is not great for keeping a real plant happy, consider placing a fake plant in said spot.

Alternatively, if you want your artificial plant to be mistaken as the real thing, put it in a spot that a real plant would love! A fake plant plant that is looking healthy and happy in a sunny spot by the window will look convincing, and won’t require the upkeep that the real thing requires.

Artificial plants are also great to put up in areas that would be otherwise difficult to access for watering, like on the highest shelf or even hanging from the ceiling. This way, you get the look of bountiful plants without needing to drag out a ladder or stool to water them each week.

Another reason to choose fake plants is to protect small children and pets in your home. Quite a few indoor plants are actually poisonous for our littlest friends, so having a faux alternative allows you to indulge in the aesthetics of these plants without risking the health of your family!

Types of artificial plants for your home decor

Designer Plants Bamboo in pot

Artificial plants come in all shapes and sizes that can be utilised in many different ways. These days, faux plants don’t need to look cheap or tacky. Technological advances have resulted in our artificial plants not only looking very close to the real thing, but are also non-toxic and produced sustainably. So you can feel good about your choice to include artificial plants in your home decor!

Here are the different types of artificial plants that look great in any home:

Artificial shrubs and bushes: These look great when placed in recycled pots, adding a sense of modern elegance to your space. You can also hang these on the ceiling or a wall.

Artificial trees: These are best placed in corners of a room to enhance the height of a space and create a statement. They also look fantastic when placed on both sides of a doorway, adding a sense of grandeur!

Artificial bamboo and palms trees: When you want to have a tropical feel but the harsh Australian climate isn’t letting you do that, these artificial tropical plants will do the trick! Bamboos and palm trees create a sense of calm and tranquility to a space, which makes them perfect for bedrooms too.

Artificial Dracenas and yuccas: As with the artificial trees, these tall plants look best when placed in corners. Create visual interest by using them on al-frescos and balconies too, which can create a smooth transition between indoor and outdoor spaces of a home.

Artificial flowering plants: Flowering plants are notoriously finicky, with most flowers being seasonal. Ensure your house is chock full of pretty florals all year round with these fake flowering plants such as succulents and orchids. Place them on dining tables as a centrepiece, or in the bedroom side table as an evergreen accessory. 

Artificial stems and ferns: These really suit modern and minimalist decorating schemes. Simply add a few of these to a tall vessel, or you can add small pebbles or even water to a clear vessel to really make things pop!

Artificial topiary balls: Topiary balls look great in pots, and are effortlessly elegant in a classic decorating scheme. Consider using them as centerpieces, or even grouping a few of them together on a sideboard for a visually interesting statement. Topiary balls also look fantastic when placed along entryways!

Wall disks: If you’ve got the wall space, these circular wall disks can function as both wall art and indoor greenery! These have become really popular as more and more people look for alternative ways to spruce up their walls.

Best artificial plants for outdoor

Artificial flowers by Designer Plants

If you’re looking to use artificial plants in your outdoor spaces, make sure to look for UV resistant plants so that your faux greenery does not fade or crack in the sun. A good manufacturer should always have a guarantee against fading and cracking.

While spray-on UV protection can be an option, the best artificial plant for outdoor use should have UV protection embedded within the material itself during production.

A lot of different types of artificial plants look great outdoors, but a tree makes the biggest statement! A bamboo, palm, or fiddle leaf fig look amazing when placed near the entrance to the home or along a driveway.

Another type of artificial plant that looks good outdoors is box hedges. These perfectly manicured greenery adds a touch of classic elegance to any outdoor space!

How to create a beautiful space for your artificial plants to shine

As you can see, indoor plants are not going out of style anytime soon, and can complement any decorating scheme. 

If you want your artificial plants to really shine in your space, consider using beautiful pots and vessels to really enhance the scale and shape of your plants. You should also incorporate other natural textures like wood, wicker, and even concrete in your other decor. Or you can combine these two tips and use plant vessels made of natural materials.

No matter what kind of home decorating style you’re going for, there is sure to be an artificial plant that will really enhance your space. Are you having trouble choosing the right artificial plant for your home? We’re here to help! Contact us anytime for a recommendation for the types of plants that would work best for you.

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