Artificial plants for home decor

There’s a space in your home that looks bare. Or you’ve been meaning to add something to a room that is dull or tired. Artificial plants for home decor can be the perfect addition to transform your space in a matter of seconds.

Artificial plants home decor

How to use artificial plants in your home?

When adding plants to your home, there are a few things you should consider. The first and obvious one is to place artificial plants in the same spot you’d expect a real plant to grow. That is if you place a fake banana leaf tree in a spot with no sun, this is sure to get people to question whether in fact your potted plant is the real thing or not.

Another thing to look at is how much space you have. Whilst fake plants won’t grow on you – they can easily be hidden away or put in spots where they are forgotten. For example, use small pot plants on tables or raise them up using hanging pots. But don’t put them lonely in a corner where they can hardly be seen, or too high up on a bookcase where the only thing they’ll collect is dust.

Types of artificial plants for your home decor

Types of fake plants - artificial plant types

Fake plants or artificial plants come in all shapes and sizes. These days faux plants don’t need to look tacky or cheap. In fact for all those people without a green thumb, artificial plants for your home can be a Godsend. And for those who were reluctant or at first snobby to the faux trend, they have succumbed to the ‘fake it’ style thanks to improvements made in the technology of these plants.

Here are some further tips to using your artificial plants:

Artificial shrubs and bushes: These are ideal in pots if placed inside. You can also hang them using a chain or rope.

Artificial trees and fake ficus trees: Best placed in empty corners when they go inside. They are also great for the outside along a fence, entrance or in spaces that seem to be missing something.

Artificial bamboo and palms: When you want to bring the tropics, bamboo and palms can be the answer. A fake bamboo plant can look nice next to your bed and bring a nice mix of green to a dull room. This is perfect for renters who may have to put up with an already painted wall, but can still add some flair without any fuss. These tropical plant varieties are also wonderful for pool areas all year round.

Faux Dracenas and Yuccas: Like trees, these are best placed in corners of the home. Also, be mindful that if your guests think these are real, they may be cautious considering they are known to poke!

Fake Flowering plants: Flowering plants can sit in many spots around the home. You can choose to place a pot on a table or hang them near each other. Or you could even place the flowering plant on your bedside table or bedroom desk.

Fake stems and ferns: You can get creative with these. Either place them up high on your ceiling or design your own plant by mixing stems and ferns into a vase or box. Add pebbles, stones or water for added realness.

Artificial topiary balls: Topiary balls are great in pots or as table centerpieces and ornaments. They can also be placed outdoors to add vigor and vitality to an otherwise dull and boring area.

Best artificial plants for outdoor

Fake driveway plants - fake outdoor plants

If planting outdoor, look for UV resistant plants so your fake plants do not fade or crack in the sun. A good manufacturer will always have a guarantee for fading and cracking with these products. Also, be wary of those products who use a temporary spray-on rather than embed UV protection within the plant materials during production.

A great example of an outdoor plant could be to purchase a tree, for example, a bamboo. These are best placed at the entrance of a home, to brighten up walkways or driveways.

Added home decor

And don’t forget to mix your plants by adding other home decor items. A beautiful picture frame, rug or cushion can help to bring your space to life.