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Artificial plants for desk and office

Artificial potted plant ideas

Artificial potted plants are a convincing alternative to organic plants in your home and office. They look so realistic these days that even the most discerning eye has difficulty picking them out from the real thing.

They provide you with a wealth of benefits, will always look their best regardless of climate and don’t need natural light to green your space effectively.

Artificial potted plants for the office

Pot plant on desk - artificial pot plant ideas for office space

Faux plants are ideal for any office space. They add nature without the difficulty of maintenance and can brighten up even the darkest corner.

You can try:

Artificial green wall

Choose artificial stems and ferns to feature on a wall you would like to highlight. Perfect for artificial light, you may want something unique for your visitors to enjoy in your reception area when they arrive.

Stems in vases

It says something about the efficiency of a company when you visit, and there are dying flowers in vases.

It’s usually because the staff are busy and forget to change them. The thought of dotting vases of plants around the office is a good one, and you can take the work out of maintaining them by choosing something like a Yucca that will never fade or die.

Flowering gems

Say it with flowers around the office – artificial ones that is. Add stunning Orchids or Hydrangea’s to your workspace for maintenance free greenery.

Artificial potted plants for indoors

Artificial potted plants - plant on floor in lounge room

Artificial potted plants will brighten up your home with no fuss. They don’t mess up your space with fallen leaves, need an occasional dust and can be positioned anywhere without worrying they will shrivel and die.

Some artificial floor plant ideas include:

Hanging pots

Hanging plants add an extra dimension to any room. Faux Hanging Pearls can be added to free-hanging pots. If you prefer something not restricted to a pot attach a mixed hanging Ivy bush to a high cabinet or curtain rail.

A taste of the tropics

Palms add an exotic feel to any space. And while organic palms can be tricky to grow inside, realistic-looking artificial palms can help you to theme your space easily. Consider buying a tropical palm, Mountain palm or banana palm to help you relax in your home.

Artificial grass

Potted grasses help you to bring the outdoors inside — especially where you have recreational areas that flow onto an outside deck or courtyard. You can get artificial Flowering Native Fox Tail grass or Spear grass that looks real but won’t bring on any family members allergies.

Artificial potted plants for outdoors

Artificial potted plants are also perfect for any outdoor spaces. Most of Designer Plants range of artificial plants include inbuilt UV resistance. If they don’t, to stop them fading in the sun, you can spray them with a specialised UV spray for protection.

Ideas for potted plants for outdoors:

Instant privacy

Do you want to add privacy to your backyard or balcony without having to wait years for trees to grow? Install a 135cm Fiddle Fig Tree or a 185cm Draping Pink Flowering Wisterias to help you relax unseen in your space.


Difficult to grow without the right climate and can easily become a pest if not cared for correctly. Add artificial Japanese bamboo or black bamboo to enjoy the look of bamboo in your yard without the headaches.

Contrasting bushes

Add that extra element to your backyard around barbeques, pools and other recreational areas. Create a hedge with topiary bushes, a nice reading spot with King Philodendrons or a rock garden with Agave plants in pots.

Whatever your preference for plants and landscaping, whether indoors or outside, you can find artificial plants that will fit your needs while saving you time and money.

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