How to build a vertical garden

Vertical gardens are a hot trend when it comes to garden design and landscaping. So we decided to take a look at the steps needed to build a vertical garden of your very own.

Steps to build your vertical garden

How to build a vertical garden

1. Consider space options

Whether you’re looking to build a fake vertical garden or a real one – you’ll need to consider the amount of space you’re willing to give to your vertical garden design. Factors like sunlight, water coverage (access to sun and rain?) are all things to check when building a living green wall. Solar access and exposure to rain will not need to be considered with artificial alternatives.  Also, if you choose to build a living vertical garden or green wall, will you have enough room for it to grow?

Choosing the right area for your new garden feature can be a tough task, so take the time to get to know your indoor or outdoor space and measure up. You may even want to draw up a few sketches of the design and share this with your fellow family or friends to see their thoughts. Sometimes a second opinion can bring new ideas or opportunities you never thought imaginable.

Designer Plants can also assist you in designing the perfect faux garden wall.

2. Choose a layout

Vertical garden designs may sound simple, but there’s a lot to it than meets the eye. You can do vertical gardens that feature pot plants, are fixed to a walls or even use recycled materials, such as this design we found below that features soft drink bottles as the holder of the plants with a fence and rope.

Vertical garden design

Fake vertical gardens also come in many shapes and sizes and can be custom made to your liking. For a free design brief and consultation contact us.

3. Get planting

Once you’ve secured your space and layout, now comes the time to plant your vertical garden.

If you’re using real plants, you’ll need to ensure they are the right size and fit for your area. Look at the plants information label for important facts about where your plant should go, how much water it may need and the height or length it can grow over its lifetime. For fake plants, ensure that you have ordered enough panels, to fix to your area.

Plant idea: You could add a vegetable garden with a vertical garden twist to make your home produce stand out more in your home.

While planting, you may also need to drill holes into a wall or purchase a fixed wall to hold up your vertical garden display. Ensure this is secured safely with the understanding that your fixture is likely to move during strong winds or storms.

Easy to install vertical gardens

Alternatively, if you choose an artificial green wall you will need to consider how to install it. We have some handy DIY installation videos here.

Building a vertical garden can be rewarding for your home or space. By preparing beforehand, you can ensure your vertical garden result is one you have hoped for.

For fake vertical gardens check out our artificial range here.