Which artificial vertical garden is right for me?

As the demand for artificial vertical gardens has grown, so has the number of choices. But what hedge or vertical garden screen is right for your home, business or next project? We take a look at the different types and provide some helpful tips to make selection even easier.

Ask yourself what you want to achieve

The first and most obvious question you must ask when looking for a fake vertical garden screen is to decide on what you want to achieve. It could be that you want to liven up an area in your home, add privacy, add greenery that won’t need maintenance, add colour to a certain area etc. What you want to achieve is important for making that choice.

What you can achieve with a vertical garden

Artificial Vertical Garden Wall - Designer Plants

Growth effect

If you want a look that appears like something is growing on your fence, home or display – the artificial ivy is one of the perfect choices for this.

Officeworks Melbourne

Dense coverage

If you’re looking to add greenery to a wide or large space, the mondo grass panels might be the best decision for you. Ideal when you want to cover the wall with a bright and fresh green colour that is dense and provides great coverage. It is also wonderful for food and yoghurt shops or exhibition displays.

Mondo Grass Vertical Garden - Designer Plants

The perfect hedge

You can’t go past our popular boxwood range if you’re looking for a weather resistant and perfectly aligned hedge. No more trimming needed when you’ve got this in your garden or display. They come in different shapes and sizes to suit your varied needs and are also great to add some privacy to your home or separate spaces.

UV Boxwood Hedge 1m long 50cm high

Realistic green wall

A mix of green, yellow and advanced technology, make this a green wall which will keep your guests surprised when they find it’s artificial. The ultra realistic jasmine leaf panels are ideal for walls, fences and patios.

Jasmine Leaf Vertical Garden - Designer Plants

Coverage for a long fence or tall wall

Our photinia green screen is lifelike and ideal for those extra lengthy fences or high up walls. Can be used indoor and outdoor. Instantly add privacy to your home or decorate a space others will love and adore.

Artificial Photinia Vertical Garden Screen

Tropical look

Fan of the jungle? Create your tropical wall with our green tropics vertical garden green wall. A mix of plants in one screen to create that ultimate tropical look and feel. Consider adding one of our fake palms to bring your space to life further.

Instant Green Wall and Vertical Garden

Elegant feature wall

If you want something that looks polished, sophisticated and has depth – the white oasis is the one for you. This beautiful garden wall features a mix of green plants and a delicate white flower to create that perfect feature wall with exquisite style.

White Oasis Vertical Garden - Designer Plants

Bright and colourful

Add some colour to your home or space with our spring sensation vertical garden. A light tropical feel that will keep you and your guests buzzing.

Spring sensation Artificial Vertical Garden - Designer Plants

Still not sure?

Our team of experts can help. Request a quote or get in contact with us about your next project or space. We’ll help you deliver a great conversion that delivers high quality, beauty and zero maintenance in one go.