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Which artificial vertical garden is right for me?

As the demand for artificial vertical gardens has grown, so has the number of options in the market. But the sheer amount of choices out there makes choosing the right vertical garden for your home or business an overwhelming affair.

Well, we’re here to show you a few different types of artificial vertical ideas and provide some helpful tips to make the selection process a lot easier for you, and minimise your risk of getting something that isn’t up to standard. If you are wondering which artificial vertical garden is right for you, keep reading!

Ask yourself what you want to achieve

Before you get started, you need to ask yourself what exactly what you want to achieve with an artificial vertical garden in your space. A vertical garden looks good in pretty much any situation, but when you know exactly what your goals are in getting one installed, you’ll be better able to choose a style that best suits your specific goals.

Here are a few different goals our clients have cited when searching for artificial vertical gardens from Designer Plants:

  • Creating a unique decorate element to spruce up a room
  • Adding some privacy to an otherwise exposed area
  • Adding greenery to a space without needing to maintain it
  • Creating a sense of calm in an otherwise busy space
  • Blocking out some sound in a noisy area
  • Decorating a small area without using up precious floor space

Different vertical garden designs will achieve different things, so always keep your main goal in mind when you are shopping for the right artificial vertical garden for your space.

What you can achieve with a vertical garden

Growth effect

Growth Effect - Ivy Wall

If you want an organic look that gives the illusion that something is actively growing on your wall or fence, the artificial ivy is the perfect choice! You can cut the wall panels into any shape, so this look can be perfectly customised to suit your needs.

These vertical garden panels are also UV resistant and made to stand the test of time (and Australia’s harsh sunlight!), which makes it perfect for outdoor use.

Dense coverage

Artificial Green Wall Hedge Panel

Are you looking to add greenery to a large space? Then our green meadow panels might just be the best option for you! This option is ideal when you want to completely cover a wall, particularly if that wall is unsightly and in need of an update. Putting up these panels is a lot quicker than a repaint, and arguably a lot more aesthetically pleasing too.

As they create a very Instagrammable backdrop, our green meadow grass panels have also been very popular as a display backdrop for many commercial spaces! This also makes them perfect for your next event. We reckon this artificial vertical garden would look lovely as a photobooth background.

The perfect hedge

Designer Plants Boxwood Hedge

Our range of boxwood hedges has remained hugely popular among our customers, and we can totally understand why. Weather resistant and perfectly aligned, these artificial hedges make for a manicured lawn without the need for constant trimming and maintenance!

These artificial boxwood hedges are incredibly versatile too. Whether it’s to update your lawn, create a design element, or just adding some privacy, these artificial hedges come in different shapes and sizes, so you can definitely find the one that suits your needs.

If you’re after a hedge that’s super easy to install, then our portable, pre-built artificial hedges – get the look with little effort!

Realistic green wall

Designer Plants Realistic Green wall

Most people are after a natural look, even when they choose to go with artificial vertical gardens. We take great pride in making high-quality and natural-looking artificial plants, and few look more realistic that our jasmine leaf panels! With a mix of green and yellow, our customers frequently tell us that their guests are often surprised when these vertical garden panels are revealed as artificial plants.

Wondering how to make this look shine in your home? Well, these panels are great for walls, of course, but also make for a charming covering for fences and as a divider like in the photo above.

Coverage for a long fence or tall wall

Designer Plants Photinia Green Screen

Our 1m x 1m photinia green screen is lifelike and easy-to-install, making it easy for you  to cover those extra lengthy fences or very tall walls, like the outside of the apartment building in the photo above.

Whether indoors or outdoors, this artificial vertical garden adds a beautiful decorative element that is modern and fresh – the perfect way to update any space!

Tropical look

Green tropics vertical garden wall

Wanting a jungle look in your space but the harsh Australian climate making it difficult to keep those beautiful tropical plants alive? Well, our green tropics vertical garden wall is perfect for you!

Tropical plants have become very popular in interior design and home decor, and the trend doesn’t look like it’s going away anytime soon. These artificial vertical gardens bring a little bit of the tropics into your home or business without the need for maintenance and constant monitoring.

Want to add more exotic flair to go with these tropical vibes? Consider adding one of our artificial palm trees into the mix!

Elegant feature wall

Elegant Feature Wall by Designer Plants

If you’re after a look that is sophisticated and polished, then look no further than our white oasis vertical garden wall.

This stunning vertical garden wall is a mix of green plants and white flowers to create a feature wall that has dimension, detail, and endless charm. This is a decorative statement that’s sure to be a conversation-opener at your next party!

Create wall art

Green wall disks by Designer Plants

Speaking of decorative statements – if you are looking to decorate your space with greenery in unique way, our green wall disks can be used to create stunning wall art in residential and commercial spaces. These wall disks make such a big impact, and are really easy and quick to install!

Add a dash of colour


After something with a bit more colour? We have so many options for you! Our garden of Eden vertical garden wall looks stunning and adds pops of colour into the space pictured above. Our country fern vertical garden features blooms in berry hues and sunny yellow, while our flowering lilac vertical garden adds a dash of lilac to your walls. For more of a tropical feel, our mixed jungle vertical garden contains bright orange florals to really liven up your space!

Trust us, just because you’re installing an artificial vertical garden, doesn’t mean it needs to be completely green. Borrowing colour from nature is an excellent way to tie in your decor with your walls, making your space ever more cohesive.

Still feeling unsure?

Don’t fret, our team of experts can help. Request a quote or get in touch with us about your next project or space. We’ll help you create an artificial vertical garden that delivers high quality, beauty and zero maintenance in one go!

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