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get creative with hanging plants

How to Hang Artificial Plants From the Ceiling

Are you looking for a low-maintenance solution to bring the outdoors in? Would you like to add visual interest to a room that is totally on trend?  Or perhaps you just want to add a touch of green that is safe from paws or curious fingers?

If so, adding fake hanging plants indoors may be the perfect solution for you. Most of us think house plants belong in a pot on the floor, but we invite you to look up and embrace our modern, stylish hanging fauxliage – there’s lots to choose from at Designer Plants®.

Read on to find out what plants work well for this trendy look. Whether it’s a simple sprig or garland you are after, a hanging green disc, a modern recycled pot or an ever-popular basket – we’ve got it all.

Once you have found your inspiration – and all the ingredients for your creation – follow this easy step-by-step guide on how to hang artificial plants from the ceiling.

A stylish new look for your interior with hanging plants
A stylish new look for your interior with hanging plants

Necessary Equipment

Although high-quality artificial plants are tough to tell apart from real ones, they are much more lightweight.

You won’t need to worry about the weight of wet soil either. Take this lovely basket filled with lush ferns, for example; it only weighs 1 kg.

That makes fake hanging greenery a breeze to install. Depending on the weight of your finished creation, you may get away with simply fastening a small cup hook to the ceiling or a ceiling beam.

So, the good news is that you won’t need to raid a toolshed or get a handyman to beautify your place with hanging fauxliage.

You may have to borrow a drill, though, mainly if you decide to use ceramic or terracotta pots for your fauxliage – they’ll add a bit of extra weight. In that case, using a drill to fasten your cup hook will be safer.

Here’s what you need to get this done with minimal impact on the ceiling.

  • A tall ladder to work safely at the height you need it. Ideally, one that you can lean against for a bit of support. Make sure you can secure the ladder at the top and bottom, so it doesn’t slip outwards or sideways.
  • A drill and drill bits
  • A cup hook and screw. We recommend a white cup hook, as it will blend in nicely with most ceilings.
  • Your spring toggle and a washer (you will likely find hook, screw, toggle and washer as one set at your local hardware store)
  • We also recommend you wear safety glasses to prevent dust and small particles falling in your eyes.

The other essential ‘equipment’ is your artificial hanging plants or foliage and a cool container or two!

Looking for ideas? Here are our all-time favourites:

  • The hanging fern ball is a great artificial plant to add a bit of jungle to a room. With 55 cm in diameter, it’s quite large, and its trailing faux roots add height and airiness to it.
  • We love the look of this hanging green wall disc. It’s your two-for-one deal, really. A beautiful range of fauxliage in shades of green, and a disc which is right on trend in gold.
  • If you are on the hunt for a small but stylish accent plant, we recommend our potted willow leaf. The plant itself is not even 50 cm long and super light – it already comes in a lovely hanging pot.
  • Speaking about containers;  anything goes because you won’t need a watertight. However, to complement the life-like look of your artificial greenery, we recommend using a hanging pot that looks the part.

Find the Spot Where You Want to Hang Your Plant

A hanging plant is a great way to add height to a room, add some window dressing, maximise space and make it look good – it doesn’t matter whether it’s your bedroom, kitchen, bathroom or living room.

Artificial greenery has the bonus of looking good regardless of position or sunlight. It’ll never need watering or pruning, which makes it perfect for hard-to-reach places and dark, unused corners.

You can take a month’s holiday, and your fauxliage will still look fresh as a daisy on your return.

That makes any spot the right spot for fake hanging plants indoors.

Because artificial plants are generally so lightweight, you don’t need to find a joist to hang them up. Your ceiling will also not be left with a gaping hole should you decide to remove your planter at some point.

X marks the spot! Consider this:

  • You’ll want to ensure your hanging plants are not positioned directly above a sitting area so that you don’t have to duck to sit down.
  • Do you have a pendant light above your dining table? Give it a modern twist by adding some beautiful greenery to it.
  • Treat yourself to the ultimate green outlook with a couple of hanging plants in the window. Most Designer Plants® products are UV resistant; all can be UV treated.
  • Do you have a windowless bathroom? Not a problem for artificial hanging plants – they’ll always look green and healthy.
Get creative with hanging plants
Get creative with hanging plants.

Attaching Your New Hanging Indoor Plant

You’ve got your favourite greenery, organised a cool container, the hooks are at the ready, the ladder set up – you are good to go!

Here’s your step-by-step guide to securing your artificial hanging plants:

  • Ensure your ceiling hook is not too close to the wall so your planter hangs freely on all sides.
  • Drill your hole – stay clear of any cables or pipes!
  • Prepare your hook and screw; add the washer first, then screw your spring toggle on
  • Push the wings of your spring toggle together so that they fit through the drill hole. The toggle will open up once through.
  • Screw your cup hook while at the same time gently pulling it down. This will allow the hook to fasten and the washer to sit flush against the ceiling.

That’s it! You can now use the hook for your indoor hanging plant.

Final Thought

Sometimes it’s the small and simple things that make all the difference – such as a simple hanging plant.

It won’t cost the earth; you can make it as simple or creative, DIY or pret-a-porter as you want, in just about any place – and it will have an immediate impact. A bit of greenery can soften a room, add an accent, and bring the outdoors in. Artificial greenery does all that and has the added bonus of being totally low-maintenance.

Have fun creating! And contact us if you need advice about any of our products or are unsure of plant combinations or placements.

We’d be happy to help you achieve your hanging plant dreams!

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