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Green wall ideas

7 green wall ideas to inspire you

If you are wanting to give your home a makeover, consider adding a green wall as an inspired way of bringing nature into your house or office in a unique way.

What is a green wall?

7 green wall ideas for your home

A green wall design is one way of combining nature and its benefits into an environment. Also known as living walls, vertical gardens and plant walls, green walls are built vertically or horizontally, with growing plants or constructed using faux plants.

This differs to green plants and trees rooted into the ground or in pots, which can take a longer time to grow or require further water irrigation if a living plant.

The best location for a green wall

The great thing about green walls, especially those made from artificial plants is that they can be used anywhere that you feel will benefit from additional greenery.

When you are using organic plants, the location must meet the specific needs of the plants included in your green wall design. Whereas the flexibility that faux plants afford means that your creative, green wall can enhance any interior or exterior design.

Artificial green walls though are more flexible in their location; particularly those with high quality UV stabilisation.

Why create a green wall?

How to create a green wall

Before looking at green wall ideas, let’s have a quick look at the why of green walls – in particular ones made using artificial plants. Exactly what are the benefits that you get from having a green wall?

Visual appeal

Introduce the green of nature into areas dominated by bricks/concrete, creating spaces that have a greater visual impact and extended use. For example, a barren brick courtyard can become an appealing place to relax once you have added a green wall and some strategically placed tables and chairs.

Reduce stress

Adding greenery to your home or office can reduce stress. Greenery provides a range of psychological benefits, people feel better when surrounded by nature – even if they are realistic artificial plants.

Flexible installation

Installing your green wall ideas can help to enhance décor, brighten a space or add a feature wall inside.

7 green wall ideas for your space

What is a green wall - green wall discs - green wall disks

1. Hide unsightly infrastructure around your home

If you are sick of looking at that ugly outside hot water system why not hide it from sight with a beautiful green wall made of Ivy Leaf. Easily cover unsightly infrastructure around your home or office without compromising its functionality.

2. Add the green touch to a balcony

Make your balcony more private by adding a green wall of Mediterranean Fern to your hand rail to enclose your space. Don’t want to affect your view? Simply add artificial green wall panels to the height of your hand rail to add a nice green feel to the space.

3. Jazz up your fence

Is your fence looking a bit old or worn, or maybe you just don’t like it and want a fresh, new feel? Attach Mixed Jungle vertical garden panels to your backyard fence and feel like you are on a tropical holiday every day.

4. Build a natural feature wall

Add a green wall disk to your living area or reception area in your office. Brighten up the area and bring nature into your highly trafficked spaces.

5. Break up a space

Instead of an ordinary room divider, try using a green wall of Laurel Leaf to break up large spaces into smaller ones, adding the green of nature at the same time.

6. Wow guests at special events

Weddings, birthdays, anniversaries will all look more enticing when you add a Snowy White Vertical Garden as a feature of your internal or external décor.

7. Freshen up outdoor areas

Need some greenery around your pool or spa area? Add a White Oasis UV Stabilised Vertical Garden Wall to instantly freshen up the area with the feel of nature.

How to start a green wall?

If you love these green wall ideas but don’t know where to start. Contact us at Designer Plants and we can help you find the ideal solution for your space.

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