16 ways to keep warm in your home

Even with the heat still around, sooner than you think autumn and winter will take over. Have you given any thought to how you will keep warm in your home other than reaching for your winter woollies especially if you live in a home that has poor insulation?

Here are our favourites for enjoying our home space when it’s cold and rainy outside.

Top tips to keep warm this winter

1. Wear more garments: Put on additional clothes. Warm socks and a cosy jumper will help you keep out the chill and won’t incur expensive electricity costs.

2. Rug up: Cover your legs with a handy blanket. It will keep you warm on the outside while you warm up the inside with a hot drink.

3. Huddle with your family: Sit closer together when watching a movie to make the most of body heat. If you have pets invite them onto your lap (unless they are too large) to add to the warm cuddle.

4. Crank up the fire: If you have an open fireplace make use of it on colder days to keep nice and warm. When not in use, close it to stop heat escaping up the open chimney.

5. Make sure the floor is covered: Floor coverings help keep warmth in your home, you can lose up to 10% of heat via the floor if it is not insulated. If you have bare boards, lay down rugs in the winter to keep your home warmer.

warm your home in winter with a warm rug

6. More than one layer: Add an extra layer to your curtains in autumn and winter to keep in more heat. Attach it to the back or your curtains or hang it from the actual rod itself to insulate the area at night.

7. Maximise daylight: Sunlight contributes natural heat to your home so keep curtains open during the day to make the most of this natural resource. Close them at night to keep warm in your home.

8. Fill the gaps: Are there places in your home that ‘leak’ heat when it’s cold? Search them out and fill them to improve your homes ability to retain heat. Think laterally and look at things like keyholes, under doors etc that can be filled temporarily in chilly weather. You could even use a green wall or plants to cover these gaps.

9. Bedding down for the night: We all love to retire to bed on a cold night but hate diving into an icy space. Add flannelette sheets, an electric blanket or a trusty hot water bottle for that extra warmth.

10. Wall coverings: Did you know that adding coverings to your walls, especially external walls, can improve overall insulation by raising the internal wall surface temperature? And every little bit counts. Use pictures or mirrors, posters or furniture like bookshelves with the books providing additional insulation.

11. Stylish screens: Position screens in your key living areas to keep the warmth around you and stop it disappearing into unused portions of the room. Remember that a screen will be at room temperature and help keep your back warm if it is behind you.

12. Furniture placement: External walls are usually cooler than internal ones. Position your furniture near internal walls to maximise the rooms heat.

13. Insulate your windows: Buy a DIY window insulation kit to reduce the loss of heat through and around your windows. Easy to install and will make a big difference to your heating bill.

14. Close the doors: Closing doors to the rooms not being used can reduce heat loss and help keep the main rooms being used warm.

15. Check your heating vents: Are they clean? Is air flowing freely when your heating is on? Make sure they are working properly and are free of obstructions.

check heating vents to keep warm in your home

16. Venting drafts: Make sure that bathroom vents have draught blockers installed so that cold air doesn’t blow back into your home.

Plan ahead for autumn and winter

Audit your home before the cold weather arrives and make a plan. Locate and plug draughts (this will help in the summer as well) and decide what other measures you can easily implement to keep warm in your home when autumn and winter arrive.

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