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9 ways to add more space to your home

9 ways to add more space to your home

If you are from a metropolitan area or live in an estate that is expensive, you know that space is a luxury one can’t always afford. The good news is you can add more space to your home, even if you’re not on the largest block. We share some great tips to create the illusion of space even in the smallest of rooms.

How to create space in a small house or room?

1. Move furniture away from walls

Typically we move our furniture close to walls. But for many pieces of furniture this isn’t necessary and in fact, takes away precious space.

By moving furniture away from a wall, you can add more space to your home. As an example, move the couch away from the walls far enough that a person can easily pass behind it, and enjoy the feel of a larger room.

2. Declutter your space

There comes a time in a homeowners life that they have to let go of things. If you are a hoarder or say to yourself “but I’ll need it one day” this could be a sign you need to clean up your act.

By sorting out what you actually need or want in your space, you can feel less cluttered and overwhelmed. Start by grabbing a few bags or boxes and sort your items to keep, give away or throw out. Rehome things you never look at or interact with. Be strict and only keep things that go with your space today and you actually need!

3. Get a display cabinet

Got hundreds of trophies lying around or perhaps some plates gifted to you? If you want to keep your collectibles together, why not display them in a cabinet. By adding a glass or wooden display cabinet, you can add space from the ground up in your home. Plus reduce that cluttered feeling of having things spread about in the room.

4. Invest in multipurpose furniture

These days furniture has evolved. You can purchase a shelf that becomes a bed or a lounge chair that has storage. Look at buying pieces of furniture that can perform more than one function.

Rehome any furniture that does not go with your home decor.

5. Paint the room with even tones

Colour can change everything. If you use even tones, compared to contrasts – this can create the illusion of a bigger space.

6. Add storage solutions

Sometimes rooms can appear smaller when they are messy or have too much going on. If you purchase or find some modern storage solutions, you can add more space to your home.

Don’t forget about those other areas you can store items you don’t need every day. Add items under the bed or beneath a bookshelf to make the most of your space.

7. Think open plan

If you can’t knock out a wall or add a home extension, consider other ways you can make your space appear larger.

Remove barriers or furniture that create walls within your home’s layout. This can create the illusion of more space.

8. Bring the outside indoors

You can extend a space by opening it up to other areas. By installing a wide glass window or removing curtains, you can create the effect a space is larger than it is by drawing a person’s attention away from the first space itself.

Remember to double glaze the windows to keep the temperature under control in the home.

9. Less is more

The more furniture you have, the more your space can look smaller. Remove unnecessary items or duplicates from your home.

You could also consider ripping up carpet if you have hardwood floors. This can often make the space seem much larger than it is.

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DIY storage ideas for small spaces

diy space ideas for your home

Add more space to your home with these nifty ideas. If your not into do it yourself projects, you may be able to find this furniture at a local store or online.

Use shoe boxes to store bathroom goods away

Your bathroom cupboards can get messy. Organise your toiletries with old shoe boxes or plastic containers. You’ll be surprised how it can add more room to your bathroom. If you don’t have cupboards, you can consider adding a lightweight shelf.

Utilise your travel suitcases

Unless you travel every week it is likely your travel suitcases are empty. Make the most of the space by storing items in them until you go away. Add a space saving bag in the case, for when you need to transfer the goods when you go away.

Add a floating bedside table or shelf

Floating shelves or draws can create an effect that there is more space in your home. You can purchase wooden pieces or other materials from a local hardware store and assemble this yourself. Or purchase one already made for you.

Use old plastic bottles to create stationary organisers

Cut a plastic bottle in the middle and use the bottom to store pens and pencils or other stationary. The new containers may also be useful for your bathroom to hold toothbrushes and are easier to clean than some other bathroom item holders.

Add old drawers under the bed

Throwing out an old cupboard or spotted some random drawers on the street curb? You could turn these into space saving solutions for your home. Add cards, shoes or other items to the drawers. This is ideal for carpet floors. If you have wooden floorboards or tiles, consider adding felt to the edges to ensure no scratches.

Transform an art canvas into a jewellery holder

Grab some hooks or pins and place these on the canvas to hold your jewellery items or other small goods. You could even turn the art canvas into a hallway piece of art, where you store house keys and your weekly shopping list. Take the canvas one step further by placing an art piece over the top as a cover. Now your storage solution looks like only a painting, which makes your space look minimal and less cluttered.

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