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artificial vertical gardens and green wall

Going Vertical With Hedges and Artificial Green Walls

With a world of choice when it comes to how you can decorate with plants, one of the most visually impactful ways is by going vertical with an artificial garden wall. While their living counterparts are also stunning, they’re not always well suited to the spot you’d like to place them in. Living plants need enough light and water to survive and of course weigh a lot too, which can be tricky when you don’t have a strong enough wall to support them. 

However, you can still enjoy the benefits of greenery in your home! Artificial garden walls and hedges are a wonderful solution. They’re incredibly life-like but also lightweight and don’t mind the extremes in temperature either. If you have a bare patch in your garden (or even inside the home) read on to get some inspiration on how to bring some lush faux greenery into your space. 

Where you can use vertical gardens:

Our collection of artificial green walls and hedges are as innovative as they are diverse. With the right materials, you can attach them to just about any surface. A few ideas that we see our customers use time and again are anywhere that needs a bit more privacy, or a touch of greenery to elevate the feeling of a room or area. Here are some of our favourite ways you could incorporate vertical greenery in your home: 

Create a poolside oasis

If you have a pool that’s surrounded by concrete and would benefit from a more personalised touch, consider something like our artificial hedge rolls or green walls. They’re both a little different in how they’re installed but both have their own unique benefits. The hedge rolls are more malleable and can be cut to your preferred size very easily. This is an ideal option if you want something more customisable. Our artificial green walls on the other hand have a huge variety in plant types and colours, giving you more options to choose from. They’re also made with sturdy but lightweight materials. This makes them simple to hang up on brackets or even with zip ties depending on the kind of pool fence you already have. 

poolside vertical garden

Divide your garden or create a boundary against the edge of your garden

To create a more clear distinction in your garden or along your property lines, fake hedges are a great option. They don’t need a fence for support and many come in their own planter boxes. Available in a multitude of sizes and shapes, you can set them up in just a few minutes to get that instant box hedge impact. 

Add some privacy to your space

Along a similar theme, you might also want to use artificial hedge screening or vertical green walls to add some privacy. Whether you have a patio or balcony that faces onto the street or just want a more peaceful garden away from your neighbours’ view, adding them to the more public areas of your property can instantly transform a space from feeling exposed to a tranquil oasis.  

patio with vertical garden

Create cover for those less visually appealing areas

Is there a view or surface outside you’d like to cover up? Green walls are perfect for this too. Whether it’s a brick fence that you can’t get anything to grow on or just an awkward spot in the garden that needs a bit of colour, you can create something beautiful in next to no time with an artificial green wall. Here’s an example of how a customer transformed the view from their stunning bathroom to cultivate the feeling of a private oasis that they can enjoy while they’re soaking in the bathtub: 

vertical garden view from bathroom

What we love about artificial garden walls and hedges:

  • Artificial vertical gardens are incredibly easy to install. You can get them set up yourself in a short time with a few very basic tools and supplies. If you can do flat-pack furniture, installing a green wall will be a breeze by comparison! 
  • If you’re looking for a versatile option, you can’t go wrong with garden walls. They can be added to Colourbond fencing or standard railing to soften the look of your property and give you that beautifully green outlook. 
  • They’re the perfect option for smaller spaces! When you’re living in a smaller home or only have a limited garden space, going up with vertical gardens means you can still enjoy the lush look of foliage without sacrificing on floor space. Many of our garden walls are renter friendly too as they can be attached to balcony railings with zip ties instead of screws or brackets. 
  • They’re not just for outside, you can add a stunning artificial green wall to any flat surface you have in your home too! We love seeing them used in kitchens and living spaces for that tranquil touch of green. 
  • There’s almost no need for maintenance. As with all of our products, our green walls are the ultimate solution for the low maintenance gardeners of the world. They don’t need to be pruned or watered and they won’t attract pests either. With the summer sun in Australia being so fierce, you can relax knowing that many of our artificial hedges and green walls are UV protected too. They’ll resist the harsh rays for longer without fading or cracking! The most effort you’ll need to put into them is the occasional coating of our Home Safe UV Spray to keep them looking lush and lifelike for years to come. 

What you’ll need to get your artificial green wall installed:

Depending on the kind of surface you’re attaching your vertical artificial garden to, you’ll need some slightly different installation equipment. For latticed fences, mesh, or cyclone fences, you’ll more than likely only need some zip ties to attach your new lush green wall. If you’re attaching something to rock or concrete you’ll probably want the nylon plugs which will also require a drill and a dedicated drill bit to get up and running. 

For the hedge rolls, you can go as simple as our super strong double sided tape. Measure it out, attach it to the fence and then carefully lay your new green wall across the top. It’s one of the easiest installations you’ll get! 

When it comes to hedges, you can basically set them up wherever you like. Either put them in a planter box for more elevation and a super slick look, or stake them into the ground as they are. 

If you’re unsure, you can check out our detailed guide on how to install artificial hedges and vertical garden panels. We’re also more than happy to help with any questions so you can reach out to our team for some more tips.

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