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Verdant greenery elevates this thoughtfully designed space

Verdant greenery elevates this thoughtfully designed space

Designer Plants® artificial hanging plants breathe life into the lobby and bathroom for Blok Design Co.’s head office. As interior designers, the team at Blok Design Co. clearly demonstrate how greenery can enhance a space, particularly ones that traditionally put form over function.

  • Versatile greenery can be easily trimmed and arranged to meet your needs.
  • Realistic and natural appearance blend seamlessly with modern interior designs.
  • Clever arrangement creates a unique installation that deserves a double take.

Project Details

Executive Summary

Blok Design Co. is a full service interior design company that specializes in property styling in both residential and commercial sectors. They are committed to creating spaces that create impact while honouring both form and function. Their signature style is a modern, contemporary, and understated elegance, with luxurious finishes, trending hues, and classic design coming together to create spaces that truly impress.

In creating their brand new head office, Blok Design Co. aimed to create a multi-functional space that works well with both clients and staff, with several different spaces calling for a variety of functional and fashionable design throughout. They also intended to list the office as a photoshoot venue, so it had to have a mass appeal that is aesthetically pleasing and inherently evergreen.

It’s clear that the space had to be multi-faceted, and act as a charming blank canvas for what’s sure to be a platform to showcase different design styles throughout the coming years.


The client needed to add greenery to the space in a way that doesn’t overwhelm it, and also works well with the limited floor space. The two spaces where they needed greenery solutions were the waiting room and the bathroom.

The waiting room is the first thing that visitors encounter upon entering the front door, so it was vital that the greenery made an impact from the get-go. However, it was also important that the greenery allows for empty wall space for occasionally changing decor elements, such as when they had their head office launch party and needed to place a photography backdrop for guests.

The bathroom was another space that required a bit of greenery to come to life. The lack of natural light meant that real greenery was out of the question, and the small space also provided a challenge for the type of greenery that would suit it as well.

How Designer Plants® Products Helped

Our range of hanging plant stems are an ideal choice for areas with limited floor space, and they create visual impact in the often neglected area that is the upper third of a blank wall. The team at  Blok Design Co. decided on a few different types of artificial hanging plant stems, including Air Plant / Spanish Moss (also known as Old Man Beard), Petal Hanging Basket, Fern Hanging Basket, English Hanging Basket, and Hanging Pearl UV.

The variety of plants added plenty of visual interest, texture, and realistic colour to any arrangement, particularly when installed together. The hanging plant stems are also easy to customise, with the option of either cutting pieces to reduce length or fullness, or hanging pieces upon one another to increase length and fullness.

More importantly, these artificial hanging plants are a low-maintenance option that won’t require watering and won’t shed dead leaves all over the ground. It’s perfect for busy folks that want the look of hanging plants without the hassle!

Verdant greenery elevates this thoughtfully designed space


In the waiting room, the clients came up with a versatile solution that not only looked good but would also be easy to adjust or add onto if needed. A pelmet (also known as a cornice board) conceals a railing where Designer Plants® hanging plant stems are hung.

The designers then created varying lengths, fullness, and texture to the hanging plant display by adding additional stems to some of the pieces. Having the stems installed on railings meant that the designers can easily adjust the arrangement any time by simply moving them along the railings.

They opted for the same creative solution in the bathroom, only at a smaller scale and using only one type of hanging plant stem in order to not overwhelm the space.

We are truly impressed with how these design solutions made clever use of Designer Plants® hanging plant stems! The ingenuity of using concealed railings and connecting pieces to create different lengths and fullness have successfully showcased just how versatile these hanging plant stems can be.

Client: Blok Design Co.


Photography by: XMedia

Market Sector: Commercial

Location: Queensland, Australia

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