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Interior design colours for the home

Interior house colour tips

Colour can change anything. Spruce up your home with a touch of brightness, warmth or something else. Our interior house colour tips and suggestions are sure to get you thinking about the array of options for your home.

Why add colours to a room in the home?

how to add colour to your home

When you move into a home, you may have white walls. Most do. Or if you are living in an older home, you may spot a pink wall or green ceiling. Every bit of colour can have an impact not only on the space but you and your guests too.

Adding colours to a room in the home can make a space fresh and new. Or express other emotions. It’s important to think carefully about which colours you choose in your interior decorating. The colour you choose could have an impact on mood – both positive and negative depending on the ones you decide on. Also, it’s important to understand the impact a colour can have on other elements in the home, such as furniture or plants.

Home colour checklist – what does each colour mean?

Ask yourself these questions before deciding on a colour for your home. Do the colours…

  • Add warmth: deep tones emanate warmth in the home, especially in winter or colder months.
  • Keep things cool: blue and greens tend to keep us relaxed or make us want to rest.
  • Create space: bright colours can help to make a space larger than it is.
  • Increase appetite: a bright kitchen such as red can help stimulate hunger.
  • Add familiarity: using colours that you’ve grown up with or have a positive memory, can help.
  • Promote concentration: green colours tend to promote and encourage people to focus.
  • Remind you of nature: Add colours or patterns which mimic natural beauty.
  • Clash or blend: Some colours were not made for each other as an interior house colour.

There are an array of ways you can add or change colour in the home. It could be an entire colour change or small splash – you decide how far you want to go.

How to add interior house colour to your space?

interior design colour for home options

Here are some ideas on how you can add colour to your space.

Paint: revamping a space with fresh paintwork is a straightforward way to freshen up the look of your home. Change colours to match your style, brighten up a dull room or create a fantastic space to relax.

Wallpaper: cover all the walls of a room or just one to feature a unique wallpaper. By adding wallpaper to a room, you can add depth and texture giving your walls a great new feel.

Feature walls: You can use almost anything to create a stunning feature wall. Add a touch of paint, wallpaper, 3D additions, artwork or some artificial plants to create an area inside that stands out.

Furniture covers: your furniture can become dull and boring over time. They also may fade over time and wear. Add new covers to brighten up space or make a statement.

Accessories: every interior house colour design could not be complete without accessories. You can add cushions, rugs, lampshades – the list is endless. If you are on a tight budget, check out a second-hand shop to find some unique pieces.

Curtains: drapes textures and colours in the home can dramatically change the feel of a room. Have a look at what you have in place now and decide how your curtains or blinds could be changed to improve the room.

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