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Bold Blooms With Artificial Flower Walls

As we head into spring, what could be more appropriate for your springtime home makeover than an artificial flower wall? 

Sure, Miranda Priestly might not be impressed by the thought of florals in spring, but it really is a classic, elegant option to celebrate the return of sunshine and warm weather fun. 

If you’ve always wanted to decorate with flower wall panels but can’t bear the thought of all the planting, watering, and pruning of real flowers, then consider a fake flower wall as an alternative! 

Keep scrolling to learn more about the benefits of artificial flower walls, how to incorporate them into your decor, and our top 5 favourite fake flower wall panels.

white artificial flower wall

Benefits Of Artificial Flower Walls

Before we dive into the benefits of these floral walls, it’s important to note that not every faux flower wall panel is created equal. It’s essential that you spend some time researching the quality and craftsmanship of the fake flower walls during your search. 

Not only will a high-quality, well-made fake flower wall look better than a lesser quality version, they’ll also be more durable, realistic, and easy to install. Remember that high-quality materials and great design will generally result in a truly stunning flower wall so it will be worth the investment!

Now that we’ve got that out of the way, let’s explore all the key benefits of artificial flower walls compared to their real counterparts:

1. Artificial flower walls will last longer

This is a pretty obvious one, but we have to point it out! A wall of fake flowers will undoubtedly maintain their vibrant appearance far longer than a real flower wall. These flowers will not wilt or wither – regardless of the weather or how little sunlight they receive – and will look fresh for a long time.

2. Artificial flower walls are low maintenance

Real flower walls require frequent watering, pruning, and pest control. Artificial flower walls? Not so much! The faux flowers will still look good as new without any water, sunlight, or really any extra attention. So if you’re looking for something that suits your busy lifestyle (but still looks fabulous all year round), then they are definitely the better choice.

3. Artificial flower walls are versatile

Need to use flower panels in a really specific way? It can be easily done! Artificial flower walls can be conveniently customised to suit your needs. You can mix and match colours to suit a colour scheme or cutting them into specific shapes to suit a design theme. An artificial flower wall can be modified to your specifications. Plus, they can then easily be moved or re-purposed for future projects as well, especially if you have a wall stand handy!

4. Artificial flower walls are allergy-friendly

The thing about flowers is that they are an allergen risk. This can be incredibly uncomfortable for those among us who just can’t deal with pollen. If you’re setting up a flower wall in a public space or somewhere that an allergy sufferer might encounter, consider an allergen-free flower wall instead.

5. Artificial flower walls are pet-friendly

Did you know that there are a wide range of flowers and plants out there that are poisonous for our furry friends? Lilies, tulips and chrysanthemums are just a few examples of flowers that can cause awful reactions and sometimes even death in pets. If you own a pet or if your flower wall will be in a location where pets might engage with them, please consider an artificial flower wall instead.

6. Artificial flower walls are cost-effective

There’s no mincing words here: lush flower walls will be costly whether they’re made of real flowers or fake ones. However, artificial flower wall panels are a better investment long term. Why? Simply because you will get more use out of them in the long run. Not only will they last longer, they are also really easy to move and modify, so you can use them in various ways for as long as you need them!

7. Artificial flower walls quick and easy to install

Artificial flower wall panels are really quick and easy to install as they don’t require the same level of care and precision that their real counterparts do. This will save you a lot of time and effort when setting up your decor for an event. The good news is that they’re also easy to remove so take down will be easier too.

8. Artificial flower walls will look good in all seasons

When you create a flower wall using real flowers, you’re usually limited to the seasonal and local florals unless you’re willing to ship in your flowers from overseas. Fake flower walls, however, will look natural no matter the season! Tulips in the middle of winter? Totally possible now, thanks to artificial flower walls!

pink artificial flower wall bedroom

How to decorate with artificial flower walls

There are so many ways to incorporate a wall of fake flowers into your decor. Whether it’s meant to be a permanent decor feature in your home or a stunning backdrop for a special occasion, there are many ways you can decorate with artificial flower walls.

Wedding decorations

Flower walls make a stunning backdrop for nuptials, but fresh flowers have such a limited lifespan so you risk the flowers potentially wilting throughout the event without maintenance. 

Consider trying artificial flowers instead! They’ll look fresh the entire time, can be colour coordinated to your wedding’s theme, and can be used throughout the venue. Whether it be as a backdrop for your wedding ceremony or for a photobooth that will wow the guests. 

The best part? You can re-use your flower all at home after it’s all over, so you’ll always have a memento of your big day as you build your life together.

Photobooth backdrop

Whether it’s a corporate event, birthday bash, or hens night, no celebration is complete without a photobooth! Artificial flower walls provide an elegant backdrop for your guests to capture memories of the special occasion. 

Flower walls are also really quick and easy to set up, and take up very little floor space too. This means they can work in a variety of different venues. 

Retail display

A floral backdrop is the perfect way to showcase your products! Whether you use artificial flower walls in a window display or as part of your market stall decor, these striking floral panels are bound to grab attention and pique your customers’ curiosity. 

Interior home decor

Artificial flower walls bring a bit of nature into your home. Whether you opt for installing it in your living areas, your bedroom, or a statement piece in your home’s entryway, there are many different ways you can use a faux flower wall to inject a wow factor into your home. 

These floral walls also add a bit of colour and life to any space. If you feel like your home is lacking that department, definitely consider these as an option!

Holiday decor

If you love changing your decor for every special holiday, then a wall of fake flowers is the perfect canvas for your holiday self-expression! From adding little spiders and creepy ghouls to celebrate Halloween, to hanging baubles and stockings for Christmas, there are countless ways you can do-up your flower wall for every occasion.

Restaurant decor

Want to create an Instagram-worthy moment in your restaurant or cafe? Then give artificial flower walls a try. Customers are often drawn into restaurants by the decor almost as much as the food itself. Of course, we all know that being Insta-famous helps with getting even more customers in the door. Create that photo-worthy moment in your fit-out that will grab attention from even the smallest screens. 

Plus, these low-maintenance flower panels are easy to install and move around, and can be easily customised to suit your restaurant or cafe decor through changing seasons.

A grand entrance

We love a red carpet moment! Giving your guests a grand entrance can really set the tone for your event and provides an additional photo opportunity for guests as well. Artificial flower walls are a great way to add effortless elegance to your event entrance. They’ll also help get people excited about what’s to come next!

Stage backdrop

Floral walls create a big design impact when used as a stage backdrop for your next performance or theatre production! Real flowers would simply not last long enough to make it through more than one show (if that). However, a wall of fake flowers? Well, your floral backdrop will look fresh long after the curtains have dropped!

Our Top 5 favourite artificial flower walls

Pink Perfection

This selection of gorgeous florals create a beautiful backdrop for any occasion, but it really wows in this wedding, captured by Grey & Gold Photography! Paired with the custom made panels, these artificial florals create a fairytale look for this couple’s happily ever after.

custom artificial flower wall

Barbie Pink

You may not be able to live in your Barbie Dream House, but you can still live your Barbie dreams with an epic artificial flower wall! These lush florals will make the perfect addition to your Barbiecore decor.

Romantic Red

Nothing hits quite as dramatically as red when it comes to decorating any space. Whether you’re using it for a party or for a romantic proposal, there’s no mistaking the message when you go for this sensual scarlet hue.

Lovely Lilac

The cool tones of this lush lilac artificial flower wall will create a sense of calm in any space. If you’re looking to decorate a serene space for a yoga studio or spa, this may be the perfect choice for you.

Wonderful White

A beautiful arrangement of white flowers will look amazing in any modern home. If you’re after a pared back, minimalist artificial flower wall – look no further! This faux flower wall is sure to be a conversation starter at your next dinner party.

Versatile artificial flower walls are great for decor

It’s clear to see that artificial flower walls are not only a versatile and convenient option for decorating your home, office, commercial property or event, it also looks impressive to boot! So the next time you’re wondering how to decorate a space, make sure to put artificial flower walls on your list.

If you know exactly which flower wall you’d like to grab, explore our range of artificial flower wall panels now. Looking for a faux flower wall panel but not sure which one is best for your space? The experts here at Designer Plants® can help. Contact us today with the details of your event and venue and we’ll help you choose the right flower wall for the occasion!

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