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Artificial Plants Case Study of Mercure Hotel by Designer Plants Featured

Adding a touch of green elegance to the Mercure Hotel

About the Client

Located in the heart of Doncaster, the newly built Mercure Melbourne Doncaster Hotel recently opened its doors in December 2021.

The hotel showcases the next generation of the global Mercure brand – portraying an authentic delivery of approachable elegance, state-of-the-art technology and leading environmental sustainable practices.

Enhancing aesthetics with artificial greenery

To further enhance the aesthetic of the hotel’s interior and exterior, Mercure Hotel aspired to uplift key areas of the hotel with high-quality artificial greenery.

Designer Plants® at Mercure Melbourne Doncaster Hotel

Strategically placed greenery adds to the Mercure allure

Upon carefully identifying and shortlisting the key areas and the best types of artificial plants to subtly yet boldly uplift the interior and exterior of the hotel’s infrastructure with the Mercure team, we set to work right away.

All the beauty, minus the upkeep

As a global hotel brand committed to incorporating environmentally sustainable practices when running their hotels, the management of Mercure Melbourne Doncaster was looking to keep their greenery out of their list of maintenance and upkeep.

Luckily for them, sustainability and earth-friendliness are part of our DNA!

With our range of low maintenance ultra-realistic artificial plants and trees, green wall and vertical garden options, there’s no need to trim, prune, water or collect falling leaves and research shows our artificial vertical gardens emit only 20% of the overall emissions for a living vertical garden.

As artificial plants do not wither, they will remain a constant source of vitality.

Designer Plants® at Mercure Melbourne Doncaster Hotel

Enhanced hotel ambience for a better guest experience

Adding plants to a hotel’s interior design is considered one of the most important elements in hotel design as plants can improve both the décor and guest experience. More importantly, this plants a positive statement about the hotel’s green and sustainable company policies.

Mercure Hotel opted to incorporate a mixture of artificial Japanese bamboo planters, green walls, topiary plants, plants and trees in planters into their design for a fresh calm and relaxing look and feel. For an even more realistic aesthetic, we filled the artificial plant pots with coconut fibre.

Artificial Plants Case Study of Mercure Hotel by Designer Plants Merged 1

Lush urban greenery inspires big first impressions

Perfectly situated and strategically placed plants are sure to impress. Walls covered with greenery create a sense of luxury which translates to high-quality accommodation. We used our green walls to fill design gaps with foliage to create a lush green urban garden landscape – ensuring there is a vibrant burst of energy at every possible point.

Designer Plants® at Mercure Melbourne Doncaster Hotel

Designer Plants® at Mercure Melbourne Doncaster Hotel

Client: Mercure Melbourne Doncaster Hotel

Products and Installation Service:

Market Sector: Hospitality

Location: Melbourne, Australia

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