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Beautiful, UV-resistant, and Affordable Artificial Flower Wall for Outdoors:

Create an inspiring, vibrant, and welcoming outdoor space with an artificial flower wall for outdoor from Designer Plants. Our life-like flower walls are UV-resistant, require no maintenance, and last for years. The artificial flower walls allow you to instantly enhance your property’s aesthetics, and they are the preferred choice of residential and commercial property owners across the country.

Our UV-engineered artificial flower walls are made from the finest materials and can withstand harsh Australian weather conditions. Their colour and charm don’t fade after continuous exposure to direct sunlight.

Easy to Set up Artificial Flower Wall Panels for Outdoors:

With our artificial flower wall panels for the outdoors, you can decorate the exterior of your property without breaking the bank. From creating a welcoming entrance space to having privacy in your backyard, the flower wall panels cater to your needs within your budget.

Our outdoor artificial flower wall is easy to install and comes with all the necessary instructions. The lightweight flower wall is reusable in different areas of your property, both interior and exterior. The flowers will remain fresh forever without watering, trimming, or spraying.

Our artificial flower wall is customisable and is easy to cut to size. You can use the artificial flower wall in different areas of your property, and it’s highly durable and maintains optimum functionality for a long time.

Our artificial flower wall backdrop is ideal for:

  • Residential properties
  • Offices
  • Press events
  • Product launches
  • Wedding events
  • Private parties

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