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Artificial Flower Wall Backdrop

Stunning Colourful and Eye-catching Artificial Flower Wall Backdrop

Designer Plants offers an easy-to-install artificial flower backdrop for residential and commercial properties to create a welcoming and soothing environment. From adding aesthetic appeal to your home interior to making an event memorable, our artificial flower wall backdrop meets your aesthetic needs in the best possible way.

Regardless of the theme or occasion of any event, an artificial flower wall backdrop is ideal for creating a focal point of a venue. It will be a perfect spot for the guests to take pictures and make some beautiful memories during the event. Artificial green walls can be used for branding for a corporate event or an exhibition, as it’s easy to incorporate logos and product names on the wall.

Top Reasons for Investing in a Life-like Artificial Flower Backdrop Wall:

An artificial flower backdrop wall allows you to transform your place into something beautiful in just a matter of minutes. Once installed, there is no requirement for watering or heavy maintenance, and it helps you take the aesthetics of your property’s interior or exterior to the next level.

These flowering wall backdrops are made from the finest quality materials, maintaining their original look and feel for years. In addition, our flower wall backdrops are UV resistant and ideal for the outdoor set-up. They are made from RealTex materials and replicate nature in the best possible way.

The fake flower wall backdrop is increasingly popular among Australian commercial and residential property owners. The low-maintenance, affordable, and easy-to-clean fake flower wall backdrop is designed to comply with the aesthetic needs of commercial and residential properties. As it contains no fragrance or pollen, it does not cause allergies.

Our artificial flower wall backdrop is ideal for:

  • Residential properties
  • Press events
  • Product launches
  • Wedding events
  • Private parties

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