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Every Room’s Decor with Artificial Plants

Styling Guide to Enhance Every Room’s Decor with Artificial Plants

Designing your living space is more than just a pastime; it’s an art form. Your living space is waiting to be adorned with elements that reflect your personality and create a comfortable, harmonious environment. And when adding a touch of nature to your space, artificial plants, also known as fake or faux plants, are the right choice. They offer the beauty of the outdoors without the maintenance that real plants demand.

In this extensive style guide, we’ll explain the rising popularity of fake plants and how to decorate every corner of your home with them.

Why Are Artificial Plants Trending?

Fiddle-Fig Artificial Plants

You may be puzzled if we tell you about the contradiction of buying fake plants while promoting sustainable living. However, artificial plants are popular in interior design because they offer many more advantages.

  • Beauty without Hassle: Unlike their living counterparts, faux plants provide a lifetime of beauty without watering, soil, or sunlight.
  • Low Maintenance & Antiallergic: Fake plants are hypoallergenic, can handle any environment, and require minimal upkeep. So, no more worrying about watering, fallen leaves, pesticides and allergies.
  • Wide Array of Options: Faux plants offer many design possibilities, from unique shapes to exotic species not typically found in local nurseries.
  • Perfect for Any Space: Artificial plants can be used in any space, regardless of lighting or climate conditions. They are also great for areas where live plants may not thrive, such as windowless rooms or high-traffic areas.

Let’s explore how artificial plants can enhance the aesthetic appeal of any room in your house with clever design tricks, bringing freshness and charm like live plants.

Clever Tricks to Beautify Your Space with Artificial Plants

A cohesive design elevates individual rooms while complimenting the overall aesthetic of your home. Here’s how to enhance style in each room:

1. The Living Room

Figuratively speaking, the living room is your home’s centre-point, where you spend quality time with family and friends. You want the space to feel inviting, warm and comfortable. Artificial plants can easily achieve this by adding a touch of greenery without the hassle of maintenance.

  • Create a statement piece with a large, elegant tree, such as the fake tall fiddle leaf fig or a monstera, or frame a window with a curtain of faux ivy.
  • Corners are great spots for tall plants like artificial bamboo trees or areca palm trees, which add vertical interest. They can also be kept near seating areas for a cosy feel.

The plants mentioned above add vibrancy and create a great attraction point in your room. The best thing is that they can also be replaced seasonally, allowing for a versatile and ever-changing look in your living room.

2. The Bedroom

Creativity can also be expressed in your bedroom’s decor, as you can beautify it with a touch of fake greenery. You can opt for artificial plants with softer shapes and saturated colour to create an inviting atmosphere.

Remember, less can be more in the intimate setting of a bedroom, so choose your pieces sparingly and with mindfulness. Whether it’s a succulent’s calmness or a floor-length bamboo’s privacy, your bedroom’s renewal will echo the timeless vision of serenity that artificial plants offer without the upkeep.

3. The Bathroom

The bathroom offers a unique opportunity to be playful with choices. The moisture-heavy environment of your bathing space is an ideal match for using maintenance-free artificial plants. 

  • Faux orchids blend organically with bathroom decor, adding layers of texture and purity.
  • Create tropical vibes with fake snake plants or tall aloe, or bring a modern touch with geometric wall art filled with faux cypress pine trees.
  • You can opt for hanging faux succulents to grace your shower corners or a small topiary at the centre of your countertop.

And let’s not forget one of the crucial benefits of having faux plants in the bathroom – they can help eliminate unpleasant odours! While most real plants emit oxygen and fresh scents, artificial plants can be sprayed with essential oils or air fresheners to create a similar effect. Plus, they won’t wilt or die, keeping your bathroom smelling fresh and fragrant all year round.

4. The Kitchen

Kitchens are the natural domain of fresh herbs. Decorative and practical faux plants provide a pleasing experience to the kitchen.

These fake plants are not just about adding aesthetics but creating a functional yet beautiful environment where every corner comes alive with greenery.

5. The Hallway

The hallway sets the tone for your home. As it’s the first and last space you see, it must feel cohesive with the rest of your interior. Artificial plants can make even this transient area feel more welcoming and warm.

  • Fake plants with bushy foliage, like potted pothos or snake plants, work well. They are vibrant and will be manageable in the narrow space.
  • A larger potted plant like wide leaf cordyline or monstera can provide a beautiful focal point if your hallway has a nook or alcove. Place it on a high shelf to draw the eye upwards, making your hallway feel bigger.

By now, you’re probably captivated by the idea of adorning your home with beautifully crafted artificial flora. Designer Plants Australia offers an extensive and diverse collection of lifelike plants and botanical arrangements to transform your living space into a natural beauty.

Style Guide for Artificial Plants

Transform Your Space with Artificial Plants from Designer Plants Australia

At Designer Plants Australia, we understand your home decor reflects your unique style. Our wide range of artificial plant collections allows you to find the perfect plant for every room.

  • Our innovative faux green wall discs and wall art turn bare walls into vibrant, vertical artificial gardens, adding a touch of nature and beauty to any space.
    Experience the perfect blend of privacy and nature with our exquisite extendable hedge screens and trellis.
  • Our range of artificial trees, ivy rolls, garlands and bushes, ficus trees, fake stems and ferns offers limitless possibilities to incorporate lush greenery into your decor.
  • Our fake hanging plants and vines, shrubs and small plants, and artificial bamboo ensure every space is noticed.

With our extensive collection, take the first step to ‘blooming anywhere’ with artificial plants. Bring the vibrancy of the natural world to your home, from the living room to every corner, with no worries about upkeep.

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