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magpies bar hanging plants

A Green Refresh for Magpies Waitara

When we were contacted by the wonderful team at Magpies Waitara, a venue that’s been around since 1979, we were delighted to help them out. The venue was due for a little refresh and the owners wanted to add in a touch of greenery and amplify the look and feel of the bar area. 

After working together to come up with the perfect look, we agreed on a collection of our green walls and hanging plants to create just the right vibe for this iconic sports club.

What we started with:

The bones of the club and layout were already perfect, all they needed was a touch of artificial greenery to amplify the ambiance. Both the bar itself and the surrounding dining areas had a neutral colour palette with some stunning metallic detailing. 

Offsetting the warmer tones with green made for great contrast. Our team helped the owners choose the perfect artificial plants then got to work, transforming the bare walls and bar area.

hanging plants magpies waitara before after

Install and final results:

With the bar being the focal point of any establishment, the addition of hanging plants was a must. They serve to draw the eye up as well as disguising some of the support beams. We opted for the Nearly Natural Artificial Hanging Ivy, Philodendron Garland and Artificial Hanging Plant clustered around the ceiling supports. They’re beautifully highlighted by the back lighting, offering a soft and natural look. 

green wall entrance magpies waitara

To amplify the greenery and create a cohesive look throughout, the Luxury Vista Green wall. The perfect option for this sunny location, these easy to install green walls were spread across the entrance to the hallway. We also opted to add a larger scale green wall near the doors to create a natural looking flow between the indoors and outside. 

This combination of hanging plants and green walls created a beautifully botanical look that contrasts with the tones and textures of the existing infrastructure. 

magpies green walls

Refresh your business with artificial greenery from Designer Plants!

If you’re looking for a simple and quick way to instantly amplify the look of your business, Designer Plants can cater to your project across the board. We can do everything from the initial consult to discuss the look you want to achieve, working within your budget and completing install, we can do it all. 

Artificial plants are the ideal option for venues wanting something quick to install, easy to maintain all while delivering a visually impactful updated look. 

If you’re feeling inspired and want to see more, check out our other case studies and transformations, including plenty of residential refreshes too. Or, if you’re ready to dive in, contact our team for a personalised consultation.

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