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Feat - Here's how to celebrate World Naked Gardening Day

8 ways to celebrate World Naked Gardening Day

On the first Saturday of May every year, we celebrate World Naked Gardening Day!

This year we are encouraging Australians to join us in celebrating World Naked Gardening Day on Saturday 6 May 2023.

Yes, you read that correctly. This cheeky occasion happens to be a day solely dedicated to nude gardening! If you accidentally glimpse your neighbour’s bare backside as they picked their fresh blooms at some point, let us enlighten – and prepare you – for all the joy this special day has in store. 

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Who knows, you might even end up celebrating it yourself!

What is World Naked Gardening Day?

World Naked Gardening Day (WNGD) was introduced in 2005 as a social movement to discourage body shaming and encourage acceptance of all forms of the human body. The first Saturday in May has been selected as the annual day for trimming those bushes – in the buff and au naturel.

It is intended as a light-hearted, fun movement to encourage body positivity and the unequivocal love of oneself. It is a message that we need more of in today’s world, and something we definitely can get behind!

This is a great opportunity to not just add a little extra fun to our regular garden maintenance, but also feel connected with others who are doing the same. There is a sense of unity and connection through celebrating this day together, with an understanding of that underlying message of appreciation and love for our bodies, just the way we are.

Your plants deserve a bit of attention during World Naked Gardening Day copy

How to celebrate this year’s World Naked Gardening Day

Obviously, the main thing you should be doing to celebrate this day is to simply go out into your garden in your birthday suit, and get to work!

But here are some other things you can do to stay safe and have fun while celebrating:

Slip, slop, slap!

We’re referring, of course, to sunscreen. Whether or not the sun is shining brightly in the sky, you need to protect your skin with SPF to ensure your (very much exposed) skin doesn’t suffer any sun damage as you potter about in your backyard. Don’t forget to re-apply your sunscreen every couple of hours, especially if you get wet.

Put on a hat

Yeah, hats may count as a piece of clothing, but again, sun protection is important! So we’ll allow it. Wide brim hats and legionnaire hats are two options that give you ample coverage throughout the day. There are even hats that are rated for UV protection, so plan ahead and get your hands on these sun-savvy headgear.

Shoes on!

While you traipse around your yard, you may well run the risk of stepping on sharp stones and spiky wood chips. Shoes or boots should be worn to minimise any risk to your feet while you’re out there! Again, we’ll file these under ‘sun protection’ and not ‘clothes’ for today.

Watch out for little friends

Keep an extra eye out for little insects, especially those that may try and nip you while you’re exposed to the elements! Take a moment to dust off surfaces before you sit, so you can be sure there are no critters that may take offence to be sat upon. If you’re noticing unwanted tiny critters while you’re being extra vigilant, it might be a good idea to do a little bit of pest control while you’re at it.

Go with simple tasks

This is not the best day to play with power tools, so stick to light duties like hand weeding and pruning and leave the lawn mowing for another day! While we’re at it, we recommend staying away from rose bushes and cacti, too, just to be safe. 

Rope someone in

This is such a fun and light-hearted day to celebrate with your partner, so rope them in with you! There are so many parallels between tending to a garden and nurturing a relationship, so enjoy this fun day together out in the sun, working on your garden together. Who knows, you might even make it an annual celebration!

Take cheeky photos

The hashtag #worldnakedgardeningday is one of the internet’s funniest and most wholesome corners. It’s a great place to partake in the celebrations of the day with other bare-all gardeners around the world. Even if you don’t end up sharing any photos, make sure to capture some for yourself, if only for you to look back on one day.

World Naked Gardening Day is a fun way to celebrate your body while tending to your garden

Have fun with it!

This day was always intended to spread the message of positivity, so have fun while you celebrate. Make it a day full of memories that you will look fondly upon as you wait for the first Saturday of May.

We’ve got a range of non-toxic, realistic artificial vertical garden panels and plants on offer so you can easily spruce up your garden this World Naked Gardening Day, so why not take a peek at our range?

Do you have a unique way to celebrate World Naked Gardening Day?

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