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Moss walls - why have them and the benefits

Why moss walls?

Are you thinking of adding a moss wall to your home or office?

Green moss walls are a stylish and unobtrusive way of bringing nature into a space without taking up a great deal of room.

You can add these beauties to your backyard, fence, or home decor.

The benefits of a green moss wall for your home or space

Moss walls for a unique green space

Green moss walls are beautiful and add stunning greenery to any interior or exterior design, however, did you know about the real factors they bring to your space that you can benefit from? Especially for your health.

1. Cleaner air

According to the World Health Organisation, air pollution is a silent killer and is responsible for around 7 million deaths globally every year.

You can help reduce the air pollution in your home or office easily by embracing nature. Installing a moss wall or vertical garden that captures pollutants on its surface and absorbs them, including ozone and carbon dioxide, will work at improving the air in your home 24/7.

Moss walls are better at cleaning the air than other plants because their leaves have a greater surface area.

2. Reduce stress

We can all do with less stress in our lives.

When people just see pictures of nature they automatically become more relaxed, when surrounded by nature at home or in the workplace the effect is even stronger.

Reduce your blood pressure and your stress, add a moss wall or artificial moss wall to your environment as an easy way to improve the health of you, your family or your employees.

3. Increase productivity

Studies also show that if plants are included in a workplace that productivity can be increased by a huge 15%.

Greenery also improves workers’ satisfaction with their environment and their ability to concentrate.

4. Lessen noise

You may be used to blocking noise from neighbours or traffic noise by planting shrubs or trees.

Try applying the same principle in your home to create a more peaceful environment.

This is ideal for open plan areas to reduce the overall noise in the space for better living.

5. Lower energy costs

Green moss living plants help to cool a space in summer by evaporating water into the air and help to insulate against the cold during winter.

Either way, moss can help you reduce your cooling and heating energy costs as an added bonus.

6. Minimal maintenance

Moss only needs a minimal time investment to maintain its green beauty and is ideal for people who have busy lives. They are simple plants and are considered survivors. Nutritionally their needs are low, and they have the ability to grow close together giving physical support to each other.

Life-like Moss Wall and Green Moss Vertical Garden

Artificial / Fake Moss Panels green moss wall option

If you feel that a living moss wall does not fit you or your lifestyle, consider an artificial moss wall to capture the beauty of an organic wall without any maintenance.

It always looks its best regardless of the season, is simple to install, and looks just like the real thing.

We now have three different moss wall coverings to choose from including:

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