Select Range Green Walls

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Select Range Artificial Green Walls

Why will you love our select range of vertical gardens?

The short story

Each panel starts off with our Australian based design team choosing the best artificial plant stems to create a truly unique yet stunning arrangement. Once our designs have been made we then have each plant hand attached onto a sturdy metal frame panel and attached with multiple ties to ensure longevity.

Each green wall panel is then checked individually before being paced into sturdy boxes ready for delivery to your door.

The select range pushes the boundaries of artificial green walls to an entirely new level – something not yet seen in Australia’s design sector. The detail and variation is second to none, it looks like a real thriving green wall, just without the on-going costs” Georgina, Interior Designer. 

The more detailed story

Some of us, rightly so like to know a little bit more about what we’re getting before we buy it! So lets shed some light on our artificial plants. The process of making any artificial vertical garden starts with choosing the composition of the plastic. We only choose the best – a solid plastic base (starts in bead format), and then we add in anti-cracking agents, colour stabilizers and UV protection, along with fire inhibitors. 

The plastics are then heated up, and mixed together. Following this they are mixed with the right colouring agents (vivid yet natural tones) and poured into individual plant molds with metal wires running through the stem to provide longevity. The base stem (trunk) is made with metal to ensure rigidity (others don’t include this and after a few months the plants start flopping and collapsing).

We then proceed to the most labour intensive step; typically taking 3-4 hours per panel. Each stem is spread out to ensure great coverage occurs.  The artificial stems are then spread out onto the solid metal grid frame. We then proceed to attach each plant along its stem, branches and any major leaves to ensure the plants are securely attached.

Each panel is then flipped over and carefully checked over to ensure all ties have been attached correctly. Once the panels are checked and ready for packing they are loaded into our custom made heavy duty boxes ready for delivery.

“Everyday I receive compliments from my client on how well I maintain our vertical garden – well at leas until I tell them it is real.” Rebecca, Melbourne Real Estate Agent.


Key Infromation

We only use ROHS complaint plastics – in short, plastics that are free from toxic and dangerous chemicals that are often used in plastics to reduce cracking and reduce costs. We don’t use any of these substances that are banned in many countries around the globe, however, some people do. We also ensure that our UV protection is based on high strength polymers that don’t break down within a few months; ensuring longevity outdoors.

Our artificial stems are also made with extra leaves – be careful when people advertise green walls with ‘many’ stems, as often artificial plant suppliers will reduce the number of leaves on each stem to cut costs – we only use tier one manufacturers.

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