Residential Artificial hedges

Adding vertical gardens and artificial hedges can help improve your residential area by:

  • Adding greenery to an indoor or outdoor space
  • Help to secure pets
  • Improve your property’s privacy, and secuity
  • Offer instant privacy from neighbours
  • Finish off a balcony
  • Create a stunning or new modern view

Our high quality residential artificial hedges come with a 5 year guarantee from fading and cracking. The hedges are also UV engineered so they will last the Australian sun!

You’ll never need to worry about hiring a gardener again. Plus no need to set the calendar to remind yourself to water plants. No matter if you’re a green thumb or not, our hedges will last and will not grow beyond the time they arrive to your doorstep.

Hedges are easy to install and can be used in a variety of ways; indoor and out.

For some residential artificial hedges inspiration, see below.

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