Taro Plant 150cm

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  • Stunning green luscious leaves
  • Limited suitability for outdoors
  • Perfect office plant
  • 150cm Tall with nice wide leaves

What you need to know

Artificial 150cm Taro Plant

This lush Taro plant (Colocasia esculenta) with vibrant foliage and luscious artificial green leaves would make a charming addition to the home or workplace.

Made using the finest materials and the most advanced manufacturing techniques, the blended silk plant is botanically correct.

For optimum realistic presentation the plant will require some branch and foliage shaping upon delivery.

The plant is supplied in a standard plastic pot (15cm W x 13cm H), so it is ideal for replanting in a pot of your choice.

Plant has Limited Outdoor Use 

This plant can be placed outside; however, it will need to be located in a relatively sheltered area.

This area must protect the plant from extreme weather conditions such as strong winds and frost as persistent exposure could lead to damage.

In addition to being relatively sheltered, the area must also be well ventilated, allowing the plant to dry out should it get wet.


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