Flowering Spathiphyllum Lily 70cm (Peace Lily Plant)

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A delicate and modern plant with stunning flowers alongside ultra realistic green foliage.

What you need to know

Flowering Lily

The artificial peace lily is one of the most common indoor house plants, renowned for its stunning foliage and superb white flowers, this faux plant is based on detailed research to ensure the colours and foliage replicate nature. The plant is full of botanically correct flowers and leaves and comes potted in a standard black plastic pot.

Faux Peace Lily Details & Features
  • Colour: Green & White
  • Pot: 15.5cm across & 13cm high
  • Approx Size: 50cm wide x 70cm high
  • Recommended Use: Indoors
  • Cleaning Process: Use a damp cloth wipe the leaves
  • Approx Weight: 1.5kg