Country Fern Bespoke Vertical Garden / Green Wall 90cm x 90cm (INDOOR ONLY)

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A high impact stunning flowering artificial green wall that brings ‘life’ to any space. This green wall is the perfect indoor vertical garden to transform any space into a beautiful & welcoming space that people will love, enjoy and relax in.

  1. Easy to install
  2. Beautiful & realistic foliage
  3. Totally transforms any space into a welcoming place to enjoy

57 in stock (can be backordered)

What you need to know

Mixed Country Fern Bespoke Artificial Vertical Garden Green Wall Panel – 90cm x 90cm – Indoor Use Only Or Use UV Spray

The Country Fern bespoke vertical garden is a lively, yet realistic green wall that seeks to bring the outdoors in. Each panel has been hand assembled using the finest plants available to create bright, attractive and fresh green wall.

The stunning green wall brings together tropical ferns, native grasses, coloured plants and a range of stunning flowers to create a lush and desirable panel that will appeal to people and create a truly welcoming space to enjoy.

You can rest assured knowing this is a superb choice for your indoor green wall: hallways, foyers, reception areas, offices or simply your home will be transformed into a beautiful space instantly.

If you wish to use this product outside we would suggest you use our Home Save UV Artificial Plant Protection Spray.

Each panel is approx 6-7kg

They Key Details:

  1. Easy to install – simply hang from hooks or screw into a wall
  2. Individually assembled and attached plants
  3. Wide range of foliage and flowers
  4. A stunning evergreen setting
  5. No maintenance or work required once installed