Artificial Birds Nest Fern 55cm

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The Birds Nest Fern makes the perfect indoor plant, with spectacular long leaves that create a real talking point within ones house.

What you need to know

Fake Bird Nest Fern

Height – 55cm & Total of 46 Leaves

Pot – 17cm W / 15cm H

Our artificial Birds Nest Fern is lovely foliage with luscious green leaves that will look beautiful all year round without any maintenance. They are very easy to work with and look great when added to a floral or foliage display or simply potted up and sitting by itself. The individual leaves can be adjusted to give the plant your desired shape. The plant will come with a basic travel pot.

This artificial foliage  has been carefully constructed to ensure it is botanically accurate. A lot of attention to detail has been taken in perfecting the colouration and detail design on the leaf. Only top quality silks and plastics have been used which helps the leaf not only look realistic but feel it too!

Interesting fact
The Bird Nest Fern (Asplenium nidus) is native to Hawaii and the Pacific Islands, however has become extremely popular across Australia and Europe.


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