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Large Plants

Large Artificial Plants For A Bold Statement

If you have a bigger space, larger plants are the perfect addition. Opt for a statement piece that stands alone for some added instant impact in your living space or bedroom. Larger spaces often need to be balanced with bigger decor inside and our stunning array of large artificial plants do exactly that. Perfect for softening lines, adding a calming touch of green and amplifying the ambiance of your home or garden. 

Perfect For Your Home and Garden

Fake large plants can be used almost anywhere. We love seeing them in pairs on porches, out on the deck or balcony to add a touch of privacy or inside the home wherever you want to add some texture and colour. They look incredible in rooms with high ceilings as well as to add privacy to street facing windows. 

Large Artificial Plants To Suit Your Style 

Whether you opt for a fluffy and textural bamboo, or an architectural fiddle leaf fig, there’s a myriad of the world’s most popular plant varieties to choose from. Explore the Designer Plants collection of large artificial plants to find the perfect option for you and your home.

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