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Small Trees

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Beautifully Lifelike and Botanically Accurate Small Fake Trees

Explore our wide range of small artificial trees, the perfect compact option for your home and garden. With each detail carefully considered and created to be as accurate to their living counterparts as possible. You can enjoy the appeal of potted trees without any of the effort or hassle to maintain them. Choose the perfect size for your space and set them in place. Our small fake trees instantly transform any room or outdoor area with a splash of greenery. 

Choose From A Wide Variety of Plant Types To Suit Your Aesthetic

We’ve carefully curated a stunning collection of compact artificial trees that reflect some of the most popular species to have in your home and garden. While some living species need certain conditions to thrive, artificial small trees can be kept indoors or outside. This gives you the freedom to design and decorate your space however you like, no matter the weather. 

Low Maintenance Small Artificial Trees

You can add our artificial small trees to your home and garden, without worrying about frost or pests. To keep them looking their best, we recommend giving them a wipe down now and again to keep the leaves bright and shiny. If they’re in a spot that gets a lot of sunshine, use our UV Spray to keep them from fading and enjoy them for years to come.

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