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Delicate and Life-Like Artificial Moss

An often forgotten plant yet one deserving of more attention is our artificial moss. Designer Plants have captured the look and texture of this beautiful plant and made it into everything from moss green walls to individual stems. Moss adds a softer feel to your home and garden. You can also transform your existing green walls into a more rustic style with the addition of hanging moss stems for a whimsical and wispy look. 

Versatile and Beautiful Artificial Moss Panels and Stems

While these plants look as delicate as the real thing, they’re made for the variable Australian climate. They’ll always look soft, green and fresh without water and are ideal for using outside. We use the best materials when making our artificial moss, building in UV protection to each piece of the plant to give it longevity even when it’s living outside in the full sun. Your faux moss will look beautiful for years to come with very little maintenance and you can extend its life even further with a few coats of our Home Safe UV spray. 

The Perfect Addition to Your Artificial Plants 

For a soft and natural looking finish, you can get creative by placing sections of our moss around the base of your other plants. Our artificial wall moss covering is the perfect choice for this, as well as being a versatile and beautiful addition to your garden walls or fence. Artificial moss is especially stunning in country homes and houses with a more rustic aesthetic. Use it to soften fence lines, add privacy to a balcony or bring the outdoors in by mounting one of our artificial moss green walls in your home.

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