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Ivy, Garlands and Stems

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Stunning Artificial Ivy Vines, Artificial Garlands and Stems 

Beautify your space with lifelike vines of artificial ivy, garlands and stems. Our selection of ivy plants are the perfect addition to bannisters and balustrades. They look amazing in bathrooms and hallways but can be used in just about any way you can imagine. Designer Plants fake ivy vines are flexible. You can wind them around hanging displays or attach them to a trellis for a remarkably realistic look. Whether you want a few ivy stems for a more subtle look in a flower arrangement or to cover a full wall with beautiful botanicals, they’re easy to install and will look amazing for years to come. 

Versatile Trailing Vines and Garlands

You can incorporate garlands into your home, office or garden easily with our selection of botanically accurate artificial garlands. Opt for a few vines of fake ivy, go floral with our blooming artificial garlands or choose something tropical like a pothos of philodendron vine. They all have our real look and feel design that’ll impress your guests. Get creative and make a wreath, or use our vines and garlands as a centrepiece for your next dinner party. They’re also easy to fold and store meaning you can swap them out when you want a change of greenery. 

Personalise Your Plants and Arrangements

If you like to add a personal touch to your floral arrangements and want something that’ll last longer than living flowers, our stems are the perfect option for you. Cluster them together to create a botanical masterpiece or add them to your outdoor vertical gardens and green walls for a custom look that you can change with the seasons. We have a selection of stems ranging from leafy greens to colourful blooms. They’re long-lasting and add instant personality to your home and garden.

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