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Privacy Screening

In suburban environments where space is at a premium, privacy can be a real commodity. Creating private outdoor areas on your own property becomes even more challenging when your house fronts right onto a busy street, or when your neighbours have a balcony or part of their home that overlooks your yard. There are many easy to install outdoor privacy screen options, such as wooden and timber screenings, but none quite provide the classic look of a box hedge or the modern feel of a vertical garden.

That’s where Designer Plants comes in.

With Designer Plants’ amazing range, you can order outdoor privacy screening online in your choice of lifelike, maintenance free designs. These screens come in easy to install panels, which can be added to just about any fixed surface. The result is a stunning wall of greenery that stays looking lush and lovely without watering, trimming or pruning. Instead of paying thousands and spending hours in maintenance to have a living hedge put in, you can attach hedge panels to wooden fences, cyclone fences and more, creating separated spaces in minutes!
Browse through our catalogue to find a style of privacy screening you love, and read through our FAQs for more on just how easy they are to put in.

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