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A vertical garden kit you’ll love

Vertical gardens are modern hanging wall planters that can help you create a beautiful display of plants at your home or business.

Whether you want to create an edible garden with your very own vegetable vertical garden or you simply wish to display an array of colours with several different plants, anything can be possible with this unique vertical garden kit.

Benefits of our unique wall garden system

  • Easy to install
  • Cost-effective solution
  • Less water needed
  • Less maintenance than other systems
  • DIY installation
Vertical Garden Kit - Modern hanging wall plant
How to make a vertical garden frame

More room to grow. Ensuring plants are healthy and live longer.

Less water needed, saving on your water bill.

More room for potting mix, ensuring stronger root growth.

Size is no object with vertical gardens

One of the best things about a vertical garden kit is you can install this modular device in any space. From a small unit balcony, inside an apartment till a wider space in a home – you can install and create your hanging wall planters any way you like.

How to install a vertical garden frame?

Installing a vertical garden can be an exciting process.

Step 1: Order your vertical garden wall kit.

Step 2: Build a wall to hold the modules or buy an existing from a hardware store.

Step 3: Purchase the plants.

Step 4: Plant and finish your vertical wall garden.

Buy vertical garden wall kit

High quality. 10-year warranty. BPA-free for your safety.