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Green up your outdoor space and make it low maintenance

Top tips to add value to your property – and make it look fab!

Buying a house or apartment is most likely the biggest purchase you will ever make in your life. So looking after your investment, adding value to your home, and thus improving your quality of life makes perfect sense.

How you can add value to your house depends on where you live, your budget, and your circumstances. But there are clear trends and shifts in consumer preferences, contributing to an increase in the value of your house.

  • More sustainable living: Homeowners are more likely to invest in and appreciate sustainably sourced and recycled materials that are of high quality and durable.
  • Energy efficiency: Almost a third of all Australian households are powered by solar energy. We are also adding value through better insulation throughout the house, smart appliances with excellent energy ratings, and efficient window dressings.
  • Having a separate and private workspace: The home office was a necessity for many these past years. Working from home or hybrid work models have remained a viable option but have created the need for a dedicated space to think and work.
  • Privacy: Although the average Australian house size has remained the same, land is shrinking. We tend to fit our lives into less space and closer to our next-door neighbours. – space-saving design that creates privacy AND looks good
  • Yes, time is a commodity, and we seem to have less and less of it. Or, as some research suggests, our priorities and values have changed – we are more likely to spend time in the gym rather than tending to a veggie patch.

How do you incorporate these trends into your planning? How do you add value to your property without over-capitalising?

There is a raft of renovating ideas and advice out there; it can be quite overwhelming even to know where to start.

We’ve looked at these trends with our Designer Plants lens. And that means environmentally friendly options, high-quality, recycled materials, space-saving solutions, creating privacy, time-savers, and having it look beautiful and on-trend.

So keep scrolling to discover our top value-add tips for your property.



Whether it’s your balcony, the patio, or your office nook, artificial greenery is a stylish way to create privacy and bring a calming touch of nature to a space. There are lots of faux plants to choose from. Artificial hedges for your outdoor area, lush green vertical garden panels to spruce up your Colorbond fence, and even a selection of artificial trees and plants can instantly transform a space into a private haven. You’ll also create an effective noise barrier! What could be easier to increase the value of your house or apartment?

Add value to your home with artificial hedges.
Add value to your home with artificial hedges.


What’s your standard answer to “how are you?” Is it something like “I’m fine, just busy”? What we do with our time and how we prioritise it continues to be a moving target. Many enjoy green spaces and being in nature but don’t have the patience, know-how, and time to tend to a garden. If this sounds a bit like you, then fauxliage will save your day. Artificial plants will let you enjoy nature’s beauty without the hassle of trying to keep your greenery alive and looking good. 

For example, green walls are very much on trend right now and can add real value to your property. But make sure you are aware of what it takes to keep it looking healthy and happy before you invest in a real one. Depending on your green thumb and time, an artificial green wall or one of our stunning green wall disks may be the better option. They might save you time and money.


Environmentally friendly and sustainable

We are proudly Australian and determined to use the planet’s resources with care. For some time, Designer Plants has invested in research and development to ensure the materials we use for our range are earth friendly, do not contain harmful chemicals or toxins, and is ROHS compliant. We offer a recycling program for our artificial green walls and have recently introduced a range of products made from recyclable materials. The high quality of our products means you won’t have to replace them any time soon but can enjoy them for a very long time. And it makes our fauxliage a real selling point!

Workspaces never looked better!
Workspaces never looked better!


The world’s not getting smaller – just a few more of us are sharing it. Personal room and even workspaces are downsizing. Is it any wonder that a house renovation in Australia often includes the creation of storage space? Making clutter disappear doesn’t just add to the value of a house; it can also be a time saver and one less stressful thing in your daily life.

One stylish option to define areas where space is already at a premium is artificial plants and green walls. All our greenery is extremely lightweight and slim. They will never take up a lot of space but can instantly transform an outlook, create a happy reading nook, or add a Hawaiian vibe to your bathroom. Instant value add and pick-me-up guaranteed.


What’s your next renovation project?

Hopefully, we were able to give you some food for thought. Are you ready for your next home improvement project? Even if you are not planning on selling your home or investment property right now, we hope you use some of these ideas to add value and joy to your daily life.

Take your time to choose an artificial plant that feels right for you and the place it’s intended for. And if you’re not quite sure or just need a second, expert opinion, contact our team. We’ll be happy to help you green up your space.


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