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How to enhance your commercial property with artificial plants

How To Enhance Your Commercial Property With Artificial Plants

Now that we’re long since out of lockdowns, customers are able to come back to shop in-store again.

How is the in-person commercial space looking since many of us have been shopping predominantly online for the past few years? Following the easing of restrictions, 50% of shoppers expected to use physical stores as their main channel for shopping non-essentials. This was down from 68% pre-COVID, meaning it takes more than it used to draw customers into brick and mortar stores.

Despite this, customers still love a few things about shopping in-store that they can’t get from an online shopping experience. They enjoy the ability to see, touch and try out things they’re considering buying. So while online has grown a lot and is certainly here to stay, having a brick and mortar store that stands out can make a world of difference to your business.

How can you give your business the best chance at getting your share of those customers? A study from 2015 found that incorporating green elements – namely plants – into your store can make your products and services 25% more appealing to customers.

Many of our clients have transformed their retail locations and offices with the addition of things like artificial plants, green walls and flowers. \

We’ve compiled a list of tips and inspiration for you with some major transformations in retail and service locations!

Artificial hedge

Our tips for incorporating artificial plants into your commercial space:


Choose high-quality artificial plants: It’s important to choose high-quality artificial plants. You’ll want something that not only looks realistic but are also made with durable materials so they’ll last you for as long as possible. There’s plenty of choice in cheaper artificial plants, but by investing in higher quality you’ll be less likely to find them falling apart or fading as quickly. This saves you money in the long term!

Use a variety of plants: Mix and match different types of artificial plants to create a diverse and interesting display. This adds visual interest and makes the space more attractive, it also helps make things look more cultivated and natural! Using plants of varying heights in small clusters also adds depth and texture to a space.

Consider the space: Think about the size and layout of the space when you’re choosing some artificial plants to add to the mix. Large plants can work well in open areas, while smaller plants are better suited for shelves and tables. If you want to create a feature wall at your entrance, you can’t go wrong with vertical artificial plants. Try and pick a key theme for your plants, the mixture should flow and feel cohesive which you can achieve by picking plants of a similar variety. Think: a tropical or Mediterranean theme for example!

Use planters and pots: To get things looking really life-like, consider putting them into planters and pots. They make the plants look more natural but also add a stylish touch to your plant collection. This can help to tie the plants in with the overall decor of the space and choosing pots that match your colour theme will ensure a seamless blend.

Our top artificial plant picks for businesses:


  • Green walls: A simple and easy to install option, green walls add an instant impact to any business. Whether you place them at the entrance or put them in the waiting room, they’re a stunning addition to your storefront that also add a touch of calming green to the space. They’re one of the bolder choices, adding a beautiful backdrop to any room they’re placed in. For something extra unique, a flower wall is a colourful option for businesses looking to incorporate florals into their stores instead.
  • Artificial plants: There’s a huge range of choice when it comes to artificial plants, including everything from trees and bamboos to smaller options like succulents and orchids. Plants add a more personal touch to any space, allowing you to incorporate colour and texture that complements the rest of your store.
  • Hanging plants: Whether you go for plants in hangers or opt for some beautifully rambling vines that drape down a wall, hanging plants are incredibly versatile and can be altered with ease to suit how and where you’d like to keep them.

Benefits of artificial plants:


  • Artificial plants are an incredibly affordable option, even when you’re looking at covering a large space. While real plants often need to be replaced as they grow or die off, your artificial green walls and plants will last for years to come without needing to be changed.
  • They’re incredibly low maintenance. Without the need for weeding, trimming or watering, there are no extra tasks involved when it comes to installing artificial plants into your commercial space. At most, you’ll want to dust them now and again to keep the leaves looking fresh and bright.
  • Artificial plants will look fresh year round and are suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. They’re not subject to growing or dying off seasonally, meaning you’ll have stunning greenery in your office or store front no matter the season. It also doesn’t matter if you’re placing them in darker corners as they don’t need to be in the sun to maintain their fresh appearance. Many of our artificial plants also come with UV protection built in, meaning they can be placed in very sunny spots without deteriorating for years to come.
  • Our products are low waste, many of them are even made of recycled materials. Given they don’t need as many materials for production or for ongoing maintenance, this also reduces the carbon footprint of our products too.

Here’s how our customers are using artificial plants:


BMW being a luxury car brand wanted to ensure that high-end feeling was being represented more fully in their display room. They achieved this with stunning results by adding in a green wall, spanning the full width of their reception area. The tropical and mixed leafy green shades created a contrasting backdrop for their digital signage, making the TV screens with car details jump out when customers arrive at the store.

display room fake hedge

Mercure Hotel wanted to elevate their interiors and worked closely with Designer Plants to achieve this. Choosing specific areas to enhance with artificial plants, they then narrowed down their options to include hedges and green walls. They incorporated custom hedges from Japanese bamboo plants in the dining areas, while the iconic green walls were spread throughout the premises.

Artificial hedge for interiro

Enhancing your commercial space isn’t only limited to store fronts selling products, they’re great for businesses in the service industry too. Blok Design Co. wanted to bring a more green and tranquil atmosphere to their office while hosting interior design clients. They opted for a cascading wall of mixed ferns and mosses in their reception area and bathrooms which contrast with the neutral colour palette of their space. It was the perfect solution for them as they can easily change, move or add to these hanging plants at any stage to switch up the appearance in the future.

Similarly, AiiMS Digital Agency wanted to create a more calming atmosphere amongst the hustle and bustle of their busy office. They wanted something that looked great, as well as adding a more relaxed feel to their meeting rooms and achieved this with green walls throughout the meeting rooms, staircase and open plan office space.


AIIMS Digital agency

Artificial plants can make a world of difference in making your store stand out from the crowd on the high street.

Regardless of whether you’ve got a permanent shop, a pop-up store or are hosting a commercial event, bringing in some greenery is a great way to draw in potential customers. If you’re unsure about what’ll look best in your retail or office space, we can consult with you to create something that’ll look amazing and work within your budget.

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