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Artificial Hedges benefits

How Artificial Hedges can save you?

Artificial Hedges benefits

Surprisingly, artificial hedges can save you every year. We’ve taken the time to have a look at just some of the savings you can expect by adding artificial hedges to your home or business.

Water: Water is a precious resource. About 71 percent of the Earth’s surface is water-covered. While we have plenty around us, it doesn’t always fall in the right place, particularly for rural areas.

One way to reduce the need for water is to get artificial hedges. Unlike the real deal, you won’t be needing the hose to keep them alive. Thus, saving water for the most important things like for drinking or feeding smaller low maintenance plants. In addition, $0 to the water bill.

Gardening services: Many homes and businesses have gardens, but due to a lack of time these gardens often look dry and dead. Artificial or boxwood hedges can assist in adding life to any outdoor space. The hedges are bright in colour giving a natural green look and feel and are UV resistant. As a result of the hedges being artificial, you will save yourself from booking a costly garden service provider. Plus reduce the hassle of buying all the extra tools.

Green waste: When you think of hedges or even the ivy, many people trim back their hedges a number of times a year. As a result, the hedge clippings take up most of their green bin. By getting fake plants, you can increase the space you have in your green bin. This added room in your bin includes space for items like the grass clippings and tree cutting. You could also use your green bin to make an environmental friendly compost bin.

Electricity Bill: Everyone knows the sun can affect the way a home reacts to heat. By installing hedges, you could reduce sun rays and heat from getting in your home. On hot days this can reduce your need to use the air con and keep your house cooler.

Fencing costs: Instant artificial hedges like our artificial boxwood hedges range are ideal for business owners, cafe and homeowners who need to add privacy without the expensive costs of fencing and paying an installer. Hence, giving you greater confidence in the safety and comfort of your home or business with these hedges.

We have listed five possible great savings from artificial hedges. There are, of course, many more, and this will depend on where you’re looking to add the hedges to.

If you’d like, a no-obligation quote click here or to purchase our instant artificial hedges range visit our online store here for boxwood hedges.

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