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Artificial vertical garden panels add lush greenery to the wildly artistic washrooms

Green walls add natural beauty to an artistic and sculptural space

Designer Plants® artificial vertical garden panels add lush greenery to the wildly artistic washrooms in the iconic d’Arenberg Cube.

Home to a variety of art and sculptures, the d’Arenberg Cube needed a way to enhance a usually utilitarian space to ensure that it aligns with the expressive design scheme and provide an appropriate backdrop for the works of art within the space.

  • Bespoke and hand-assembled panels, so no two are alike
  • Flexible and versatile wall panels are easily customised to fit curved surfaces
  • Striking design that pairs perfectly with incredible artwork

Project Details

Executive Summary

More an experience than a venue of any kind, the d’Arenberg Cube is an iconic work of modern art in itself. Inspired by fourth-generation winemaker Chester Osborn D’Arenberg’s initial idea of a cube-shaped building, the d’Arenberg Cube consists of five levels, each with a distinct function and story to tell.

Rising like a surrealist sculpture upon the picturesque greenery of the McLaren Vale region in South Australia, the d’Arenberg is home to a variety of tactile and visual experiences, including a wine sensory room, a 360° video room, art exhibitions, and an eatery.

When looking for suitably artistic and expressive ways to design their washrooms, the folks at d’Arenberg Cube decided to pair the natural beauty of Designer Plants™ artificial vertical garden panels with bold sculptures and creatively designed plumbing fixtures – and the space is truly a triumph in interior design!

Green walls add natural beauty to an artistic and sculptural space


Functional yet necessary areas like public washrooms can be a challenge to decorate, particularly in a space which is entirely focused on art and design. While some designers respond to this challenge by treating utilitarian areas like this almost as a second thought, the folks at d’Arenberg Cube saw an opportunity to push their expressive and imaginative design principles within the space.

So the challenge became a question of how can a washroom still blend in with it’s surroundings while still fulfilling its role as a largely utilitarian space?

How Designer Plants™ Products Helped

While most clients choose our products for its realism, this space could handle a bit of dramatic flair. That’s where our Garden Of Eden wall panels come in! Lush greenery is paired with multiple flowering stems in hues of yellow and white to create a stunning vertical garden wall that almost transports you to another place entirely.

Each panel is bespoke and assembled by hand, so no two pieces are exactly alike. This means that the Garden Of Eden artificial green wall panels will never look repetitive, lending itself to a look that is both dramatic and realistic.

These panels are also UV engineered, making them suitable for external use. This ensures that all the window-facing panels will continue to look fresh for years to come.


We couldn’t quite believe what we were seeing when we first saw our Designer Plants™ vertical garden panels being used in such a unique way!

The folks at d’Arenberg Cube opted to install the Garden Of Eden wall panels on scalloped walls, accentuating the curves featured all around the space and creating a feeling of playfulness throughout. In some areas, our panels actually complemented the artwork featured throughout the space, including a tree painted on the wall of the washroom.

Instead of using vertical garden panels as a backdrop, the lush greenery and stems of the Garden Of Eden panels were used to add visual interest without competing for attention from guests who are there to admire the surrounding art pieces.

Various sculptures – and even plumbing fixtures with sculptural elements – still take centre stage despite it being a rather functional and utilitarian space, keeping guests within the experience instead of taking them out of that journey through a land of fantastical art.

We must say that this is one of the most unique applications of our artificial vertical garden panels, and we’re truly proud to have our own products used in such an artistic way!

Client: d’Arenberg Cube

Products: Gardel of Eden Artificial Green Wall Panels

Photography: The team at d’Arenberg Cube

Market Sector: Commercial

Location: South Australia

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