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earth friendly hedges

Why going green is more than a lifestyle choice?

earth friendly hedges

Last month was World Environment Day. The United Nations called for strong action on climate change. Steps like recycling and not littering may come to mind – but these extra actions need to address the issue. Meaning going green is more than a lifestyle choice.

For years, there has been an ethical push on civilisation to be responsible and care for Mother Earth. However, to great disappointment not everyone takes up the belief nor takes action to be earth friendly. You walk through gardens today and see litter, you visit the beach and see objects that could harm ocean life or you go into the forest and find plastic wrappers lying on the ground. All of this, leaving you with the feeling of no hope.

Why going green is more than a lifestyle choice?

Not everyone is going to love Mother Earth. Hence, it is up to earth friendly people like us to go green in many ways to make up for it. Living green is not merely a choice, but rather something we must do every day to offset those emissions from others in order to enjoy Mother Earth at her finest for future generations to come.

How to go green?

1. Make a compost bin.
2. Consume what you need, not want.
3. Understand your footprint
4. Be paperless: Sign up for email billing when you can.
5. Look for disposable, bio-degradable options.
6. Never buy a bottle of water, bring a water bottle.
7. Reuse tattered clothes as rags.
8. Reduce water waste.
9. Offset emissions where you can.
10. Buy bulk products to reduce waste.

At Designer Plants, we see going green as a decision we make and act on every day. Our green hedges are earth friendly; we reduce our paper usage where we can and our website is even green hosted.

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