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Why fake plants?

There’s never been a better time to be a plant parent! Nowadays, websites like Pinterest have given us a wealth of resources to inspire our own plant haven, with plants like monsteras, palms, fiddle leaf fig, and bird of paradise becoming celebrities in the plant world. There are so many ideas for decorating with plants out there, which has made indoor plants a hugely popular home decor trend too.

But while some plant parents are happy to cater to their real plants and work around their individual needs, more and more folks are realising that although they’d love to have a jungle in their home, they simply don’t have the time to commit to maintaining a real indoor or even outdoor garden.

And that’s where fake plants come in! Modern technology has resulted in the production of faux greenery that looks convincingly real, which makes them so much more visually appealing than the artificial plants of the past. This easy care greenery also gives plant fans the ability to create their verdant and lush indoor garden without the ongoing efforts to keep them alive and healthy.

That being said, there’s more to artificial plants than the fact that they look good and are easy to care for. Here are some other reasons fake plants have become more popular over the years!

Fake plants are more durable than ever

In general, artificial greenery’s main draw has always been the fact that it’s much more durable than their real counterparts. But thanks to the research and technology in producing high quality materials, these plants are designed to be UV and weather-resistant, even in harsh weather like here in Australia. As a matter of fact, there are some fake plants that have been placed outdoors since 2006 that are still in good nick!

Not all manufacturers are committed to crafting durable products, however, so we always advise that you do your research if you intend to purchase plants that won’t crack, fade, or fall apart after a few years. A key factor in your search for a long-lasting plant is built-in UV protection, as these plants will be better able to withstand damage for the sun, and last much longer than those without!

If you have faux greenery that does not have UV protection built in, you can add years to its lifespan by cleaning them every few months, and also use a UV protection spray to protect them from sun damage. Depending on where you place the plant, this should be done every 4 to 9 months.

Fake plants are non-toxic 

Unfortunately, many people are unaware of how toxic some of the most popular indoor plants can be. Fiddle leaf figs, snake plants, peace lilies, devil’s ivy, and birds of paradise are just a few of the popular plants that can really harm young children and pets.

If you’re after a certain plant for aesthetic reasons but don’t want to risk the safety of our little friends, artificial plants are a fantastic option. Not only are they free of harmful natural chemicals of their non-artificial counterparts, but some are even manufactured to a standard that ensures they are completely non-toxic in every way. 

For example, ROHS-compliant faux plant manufacturers produce artificial greenery that are free of lead, mercury, boric acid, cadmium, heavy metals, and numerous other chemicals that can cause real harm to people and the environment.


Fake plants are truly evergreen

Wouldn’t it be amazing to have a garden full of plants that won’t die, won’t overgrow, and will always look perfect no matter the season? Well, fake plants are up to the task! When you choose an artificial plant for your home, you can be sure that you will have a plant that will remain beautiful for years to come.

The best part is, they require very little effort to maintain! Just a light dusting and wipe down to clean it every few months, and a spritz of UV protection spray if necessary, and you’ve got a plant pal that’ll be a stunning feature of your home for the long haul.

You also won’t have to worry about a plant outgrowing your space, which is a real concern particularly with plants like banana trees and certain species of birds of paradise, which can grow up to three storeys tall! Getting a faux alternative will let you have the look of a medium to large tree without risking it getting too large.

Fake plants are easy to transport

One of the biggest challenges in owning a plant is being able to safely move and transport it. Whether we’re talking about squeezing in your new plant friend into your car and risk losing a few leaves in the process, or even just moving it to a new location in your garden without destroying their root systems, moving real plants around can be an extremely overwhelming affair!

Save yourself the trouble and go for an artificial version of the plant instead. Most fake plants have leaves that are easily shaped to fit into a vehicle, and fake plants certainly don’t have sensitive root systems that risk being damaged during transport or replanting. 

Artificial green wall panels and portable hedges also give you the option of quickly moving large greenery structures around with minimal effort. This makes faux plants a really versatile option for incorporating greenery into your decor, whether it’s an indoor or outdoor space.

Your evergreen garden is just a click away

If you are looking for artificial plants that are non-toxic, long-lasting, and easy to transport, our UV-engineered and 100% recyclable fake greenery are just what you’re after! We pride ourselves on crafting artificial greenery that not only looks realistic, but also allows you to have a home full of foliage…without the hassle.

Whether you’re after a statement vertical garden, a classic green hedge, or simply a few potted plants to place around your home, we’ve got a selection of artificial plants that will be sure to fit the bill. If you need help choosing the right plant for you, our team is always available to help you, so get in touch with us today!

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