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Do fake plants last outside?

Indoor greenery has been a popular decorating option for years now. With so many people looking for low maintenance and durable greenery for their homes, it’s no wonder that artificial plants have become really popular in interior decorating.

However, we’ve started to see more folks using artificial plants for outdoor greenery too! Fake plants require no pruning, no watering, no fertilisation, and no pest control – you can see why it’s gaining popularity. More importantly, though, they just look so darn good all year round.

Recently, we’ve had quite a few people ask us an important question: do fake plants last outside? Well, we’re confident in saying that they absolutely do! However, it does depend on a few different factors, like the quality of the plant, its exposure to sunlight, and also the weather conditions around your property.

Want to learn more about how to ensure that your outdoor artificial plants last for a long time outside? Keep reading!

Different types of outdoor artificial plants

Most outdoor artificial plants will fall into one of these three categories: weather-resistant plants, UV infused plants, and UV resistant plants. All three types are specially designed to stay durable against the elements outdoors. 

Weather-resistant plants, as the name suggests, are plants that can withstand extreme weather conditions and temperature changes in the environment. That being said, they aren’t necessarily able to withstand UV damage, which can lead to brittle leaves and colour fading. Not a good look! If you are looking at these types of plants, it’s best that you apply UV protection on them before popping them in your garden.

UV infused artificial plants are treated with a coating of UV protectant, so they’ll stay durable despite strong sunlight in your outdoor spaces. However, we still recommend that you re-spray these plants with a UV protectant spray every 6 months – it’s the best way to ensure long-term protection from solar damage.

The third type of outdoor artificial plant is the most durable and long-lasting – UV Resistant artificial plants. Thanks to the wonders of science, our range of UV Resistant artificial plants contain materials that have built in UV protection. This not only provides them with long-term protection from harmful UV rays, but also dramatically increases their durability. These plants are a fantastic option if you would like to have plants that don’t require replacing for years and years! 

An outdoor pond featuring a selection of rocks is enhanced by an artificial vertical garden along a fence.

What are the factors you need to consider?

If you’re looking for artificial plants to place outdoors, you need to first consider where exactly you will place them. You’d be surprised by how important an artificial plant’s location can be. It can really impact the plant’s durability and prevent damage from outdoor conditions.

The primary thing to consider is sun exposure. Although some plants are made to withstand UV damage, you’d still be better off placing them away from direct sunlight. Even UV infused and UV resistant fake plants have a better chance of looking good for years to come if you are careful about exposure to damaging sunlight.

You should also avoid placing your outdoor artificial plants where it’s completely exposed to harsh weather conditions, like extremely dry climates, heavy snow, or high winds. While weather-resistant fake plants are especially able to withstand extreme weather, constant exposure to these conditions can lead to a shortened lifespan for these plants.

However, if your ideal plant placement exposes them to direct sunlight and harsh weather, you can still do things to mitigate the damage. One of our favourite tips is to move the plants around and also rotate them from time to time. This way, you can be sure that your plants have a break from the damaging weather.

There are so many ways you can use artificial plants to decorate your outdoor space, so make sure you pick the right place for each plant to ensure they last for years to come.

A collection of artificial potted plants are displayed on a balcony

Can you also leave silk flowers outside? 

Want to have a view of a verdant flower garden all year round? Silk flowers will keep your garden looking beautiful all year round, in all seasons! They’re also hypoallergenic, so you won’t have to worry about hay fever and pollen while enjoying your evergreen flower garden.

The first thing you should know about silk flowers is that they aren’t all actually made of silk. In fact, most of the time, you’ll find that these flowers are made of a hybrid polyester silk fabric. However, they still look beautiful and realistic!

While silk flowers have been a popular indoor decoration for decades now, they’ve become quite popular for outdoor use in recent years. They can remain vibrant for a very long time with proper care, and don’t require any pruning or special fertilisers to look good. 

If you like the look of a flower garden but worry about maintaining silk flowers, UV Resistant artificial flowering plants are a good alternative.

Just like other outdoor artificial plants, faux flowers should still be sprayed with a UV protectant spray every 6 months or so, just to ensure that they’re protected against sun damage. Recommendations around the placement of outdoor artificial plants also apply here – keep them out of direct sunlight and harsh weather so they can look good for longer.

Create a beautiful garden with outdoor artificial plants 

Clients are often surprised by how durable artificial plants and flowers can be, even when placed outdoors! As long as you purchase high quality plants, and give them the right level of care, you can rest assured that your outdoor artificial plant can be enjoyed for years to come!

At Designer Plants, we believe in making outdoor greenery more accessible to all. Our UV resistant plants and flowers are made to last even when placed outdoors, and are designed to look realistic too. Whether you’re opting for a vertical garden, potted plants, or even tall artificial trees, you’ll be sure to find an array of greenery to really spruce up your outdoor space.

Not sure which plants are right for you? We can help! Our team members can help you choose the right outdoor artificial plant for your space which will suit your unique needs! Contact us to learn more.


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