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Decorating with Artificial Succulent Plants

We’re not quite sure when it started. We’d even go as far as claiming that it wasn’t love at first sight. All we know is that it’s turned into a full-blown love affair.

What are we talking about? Succulents, of course. Whether you choose real or small fake succulent plants – you are looking at the it-girls of the plant world, coveted by interior designers and home decorators, event planners, busy people and budding gardeners.

Trawl Instagram for succulent snaps or thumb through the latest interior design and home and garden magazines. You’ll find these cute plants everywhere, adding a touch of nature and happy vibes to rooms, celebrations and events, brunch tables, porches and balconies.

Decorating with artificial succulents

There’s definitely a lot to love about succulents. They are very decorative, come in many shapes and shades, fit into small spaces and are super easy to look after.

However, they are not impossible to kill! So for complete peace of mind,  you can now get your favourite small fake succulent plants at Designer Plants™, already potted and arranged in lovely bowls.

These high-quality artificial succulents will make decorating even easier. You can rearrange your plant collection without the mess, and you won’t have to worry about upsetting a delicate root system. That will allow you to easily change the vibe of a space, reusing your succulents for a festive table centrepiece, an on-trend green wall or a new shelf, for example.

Are you ready for some green inspiration and grand ideas for small greenery? Read on to find out our top tips for decorating with succulents.

Succulent Centrepiece

We hear ‘centrepiece’, and our mind automatically connects it with ‘wedding decoration’. And although succulents are increasingly popular for decorations on the big day, even bridal bouquets, we reckon any get-together is the perfect excuse for a lovely succulent centrepiece.

One of the advantages of using succulents for your table decor is their compact form – they are generally not that tall. That makes them perfect for decking out a festive banquet and still allowing people to see and talk to each other. There’s nothing worse than people having to crane their necks or chat with the flowers in front of them rather than their table partner.

Because most succulents are so small, they can fit into almost anything. And, of course, artificial plants can be changed and mixed as often as you want. Why not:

  • Arrange them in your favourite tea cups for a brunch table
  • Pop them into individual mason jars or vases to set the scene for wine for two on the balcony.
  • Go for vintage charm and use old mustard, olive or tea tins as their containers.
  • Planning an afternoon tea party? Repurpose your cupcake stand for a green show-stopper.

Artificial succulents and orchids are a fantastic pairing for a festive, on-trend look! You’ll get the greyish-green hues and geometric look of the succulents complementing an orchid’s delicate pure white leaves—a match made in heaven.

And finally, we’ll leave you with this awesome idea from Far Out Flora. It works well with real plants and even better with artificial ones. You are welcome!


green wall art with small succulents



Create Wall Art

Continuing with the DIY theme, green walls are all the rage at the moment, and green wall art is a fun and creative way to spruce up a bland indoor or outdoor area.

Whether natural or faux, succulents and small greenery are ideal for these projects. The good thing about artificial plants is that they’re easy to handle and will always look fresh. Plus, you won’t have to worry about placement and whether your creation gets too much or too little sunlight or water.

Here are some of our top wall art ideas:

  • A succulent wreath for the front door. You can even mix it up a little throughout the seasons. We’re thinking shades of orange and yellow in autumn, darker greens in winter and a mix of fuller-leafed and trailing succulents for the warmer spring and summer months!
  • Shadowbox it! Do you have an old picture frame gathering dust or some leftover planks from an old pallet? These forgotten bits and pieces might just be the perfect start to your succulent wall art journey. Add to that some wire mesh and your favourite foliage, and you’ll have your unique artwork in no time. We found this step-by-step guide quite useful and easy to follow. Remember that using faux greenery makes this an even more practical and mess-free weekend project!
  • Is DIY not your thing? We’ve got you covered! Check out these amazing green wall discs. Ready to go and looking amazing!

succulent terrarium


Build a Terrarium

Sounds complicated? It’s not!

A terrarium is typically a sealable glass container filled with soil and plants – it is its own little ecosystem.

However, a terrarium can be open. Sometimes it’s a hanging glass vessel used as a decorative touch. Because succulents are generally compact, you can get away with a relatively small opening. You’ll still be able to arrange your greenery just the way you want it! We’re thinking mason jars, a vintage glass bowl or even a cool bottle. It’s recycling at its best.

If you’re set on building your terrarium with real plants, Martha Stewart’s got you covered. However, if you’re creating your terrarium with artificial succulent plants, we recommend using soil – even if it’s not needed. It allows you to polish that natural look.

An alternative to soil is, of course, sand or even pebbles. Choose something that complements your interior.

And if the see-through look is not your thing after all, perhaps a recycled plastic pot from Designer Plants™ is just what you were looking for!

Design a Hanging Plant

Hanging pots are the way to go when space is at a premium. They also tend to soften a look and will give the room a more airy, spacious feel.

Hanging planters is where using artificial succulents can really make a difference.

  • You’ll never have to water your greenery, so your chosen vessel doesn’t even have to be waterproof. We’re thinking chicken wire, macrame, or even jute or a cloth pouch.
  • You can hang your creation in hard-to-reach places, even in dark corners that don’t get much sunlight.
  • Faux plants are very light – you won’t need to drill a hole in the ceiling to install your green creation.
  • And because they are so lightweight, why not make it a two or even three-tier hanging basket?
  • Choose your succulents well – the really compact varieties may not be the most suitable ones to use. Instead, succulents such as the String of Pearl Beads are perfect for hanging baskets. You will notice them spilling out of their container.

A basket full of artificial succulents will also look fantastic in a window. They won’t mind a draft –  and treat them with a UV-resistant spray, and they will not fade in harsh sunlight.

Final Thought

Succulents are enjoying quite the following. Some say it’s because we tend to be time-poor, and spaces are getting increasingly smaller.

Whilst these might be good reasons to set our eyes firmly on small succulent plants, we feel there’s far more to them. We reckon we’ve got our hearts set on them for their intriguing geometric forms, their many shades and hues, and their strong shapes. And especially the more miniature succulents really pack a punch and can set the tone for any space.

Are you part of the succulent fan club yet? Which one is your favourite? The team at Designer Plants™would love to hear – and see – what you’ve done with your plants, real or artificial. Get in touch!

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