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Artificial plant ideas for events - event ideas and inspiration pixar display of fake plants

How to decorate your next event with artificial plant hire

Artificial plant hire may be the key to making your next event memorable.

One of the things that is often missing from events is luscious greenery that lifts any area to a new level. Plants make any event space much more welcoming and enjoyable, and with artificial plants, you don’t have the headaches that their organic counterparts often bring.

The benefits of artificial plant rental

Artificial maze with hedges used for events

Designer Plants fake greenery Easter shopping display


Let’s have a look at the reasons why artificial plant hire may help you plan your next event:

1. Easy to acquire

Because artificial plants are manufactured rather than grown, getting the quantities you need should be no issue for your or your event stylist, though always give as much notice in advance as possible. There can be difficulties getting the plants that you need if the plants are real and organic, due to growing cycles and seasonal demand or considerations.

2. Simple transportation

Artificial plants are generally lighter (no soil in the planters) and easier to transport. You can install them anywhere without mess or fuss. Easy to uninstall as well.

3. Always look great

Without the possibility of wilting or other issues, artificial plants always look their best especially when events are longer than a few hours or a day.

4. Durability

Organic plants may need maintenance, especially at long term events whereas artificial plants may just need a wipe down in dusty areas.

Artificial plants are durable in even the harshest conditions, and apart from looking great, they can be used to ‘fence’ areas without worrying that they will be damaged easily because of heavy foot traffic.

Event ideas for artificial plant hire

Artificial plants for hire - Disney pixar display at event fake plants with lake

Designer Plants artificial greenery on display for Disney Pixar event


Artificial plants hire can be used for any event that you may be planning. To get you started, we have listed some of our favourite suggestions:

Indoor plant hire

  • Weddings: Green walls are a unique way of welcoming guests or providing a backdrop for your ceremony. Create attractive decorations to brighten up your tables or strategically place plants to brighten up a reception place.
  • Awards nights: Add some class to the local footy club awards night or school graduation ceremony with our artificial orchid.
  • Dinner parties: Entertaining guests? Add a touch of flair with our artificial flower bunches. Add a vase and water to trick your visitors into believing it’s the real deal.

Outdoor plant hire

  • Sporting events: Artificial hedges are ideal for creating different spaces and artificial fences to help direct foot traffic to required areas.
  • Barbeques: Impress your friends family or colleagues with greenery at your barbeque. Use cleverly placed hedges to hide ugly infrastructure for the day or brighten up an aging fence.

Tropical plant rentals

You may not have the right climate to grow tropical plants in your backyard, but you can hire artificial tropical plants for that remote island feel on a hot summers night. Have a tropical themed pool party with banana trees, bamboo plants or tropical palms moving in the breeze.

Regardless of the type of event you are planning; artificial plant hire will complement your décor and ensure that your guests will enjoy stylish greenery that links them directly back to nature.

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